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05 Aug 2011
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PostedFeb 27, 2013 6:58 pm
DingleMouse wrote:
Since playing all I see is stun. The only people that get frustrated are the ones being stunned. Pretty easy to see who has a high level of stun among the top 100 level players. Seems lots of people have been level 65 for a few weeks. Level 65 to 70 M Dungeon is near impossible.

I have seen a few battles where a person is stunned the entire round. What fun to not do anything.

The talents should be reworked. Level 1 is huge jump and level 2 is a joke increase. Might as well max out Holy Seal after getting a few level 1s.

Stun strategy: (Really not much of one)
Arena -> Attack then stun. Stunning first takes too long to use.
Everything else -> Stun then attack. Can stun the player very easily first when vs the computer.  

There are strategic ways to use the stun in pvp, as well as filler in rotations for things like Knights. It's a huge help to knights even if the stun doesn't work on the opponent due to you can then hit them to make it to where you can ultimate slasher the mage/archer in the back instead of potentially have to deal with all their troops first then hit the back.

A lot of people stop at 65 because at level 65 it makes it to where you get full xp from both Moonevil and Demon Temple. At 66 you lose xp from Moonevil so your only choice then is there and cannot assist people as effectively doing Moonevil as you lose xp. There is no level 70 dungeon at the time that the people had stopped. So leveling up to 70 wasn't necessary.

If a player is stunned from 100% to 0% then they wouldn't of been able to do anything against that player anyway and it just saves the player that stunned them HP. Considering max is 3 rounds for the stun depending on how much higher your Holy Seal is to the opponents.

Not all the level 2's are minor 1% jumps. Some of them are 2-5% jumps depending on which talent it is.

I open with Holy Seal in Arena(3v3), because it makes it to where you can use it a second time right before the +50% damage kicks in. Having your opponent stunned for that phase. Since I'm also with an archer it's nice when the archer gets some crits on Round 1 to apply the damage + buff to me before I start doing Area of Effect abilities for additional damage. So the choice of the matter open with Lightning bolt, open with stun. Stun being the better of the two choices.

The main people that complain about stun honestly are those that want to level their player and don't want to level talents. Thus they run into people that are playing the game differently by not leveling and focusing on strengthening their seal and talents. So instead of utilizing the new ability they want to stick to their 5 basic ones.

In a game like this every little bit counts. My talents are set up atm I can cast one of my abilities 2 rounds sooner than not having the talent at the level that it is. Later it will be 3 rounds sooner once I get it to level 3 which my Holy Seal is close to level 25 so will have it there and get level 3 passives soon.

Knight in PVE gear: Open with Holy Seal -> at 20 Rage -> Ultimate Slasher -> at 30 Rage and hit the Player twice -> Slasher -> 55 Rage -> Whirlwind -> 25 Rage -> Ultimate Slasher -> 35 Rage. Potential 4 hits to Player instead of having to deal with their troops first . There's also ways for Mages to use it as a filler between AoE's in order to use the less costing AoE to save rage for a heal or high single damage attack. Archers there is also a way to use it as a filler in attacks to generate extra rage if you have good crit. To say it's not usable in a strategy isn't true and is just whining because you don't like it.

In Before next topic of "Clothing makes people too strong increasing the gap between casher and free players we need clothing free."


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27 Oct 2008
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PostedFeb 27, 2013 8:30 pm
Can tell you guys I stopped at 66 to do talents, went up the level to get the skill point. I advise people to stop at 65 or 66 depending on how important that point is to them, when they ask for advice.

You've made me VERY angry..
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