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15 Jan 2013
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PostedFeb 16, 2013 8:38 pm
Rekikyo wrote:
Keep in mind fireball is your first tier skills.

I'm more interested in your intermediate level attacks, like Lightning Storm, Quake, Entangling Roots, Whirlwind, firestorm.

The two you mentioned are basic skills, so they will ofc have low damage (my Unholy Spear and Poison Arrpw's base is similar).  

I somehow gained 4 Matk..? can't figure out how but I can't go below 187 and my max Matk is now 960. I didn't play at all today, inbetween my previous post and this one(just did orc/pantera daily). Apparently, I also have 10 Dark Resistance, how did I even get that?

Anyway, Quake 3 at 960 Matk does around 550 on 35 mobs and at 157 does around 330. It also has a huge 2s cast time, but it's an aoe and stuns, so it's fair.

Earthbind, I said previously, I believe, is not affected by Matk, just like burn isn't. But knowing that mobs that are lower levels than you receive additional damages kinda explain the weird damage I had with this using it on different level mobs. Lv3 is 140 on similar levels.

I don't have Whirlwind in my current build because it was mostly targetting to test Ice Lance and Ice Blast. Even though they may be low tier spells, why is Ice Lance damage so weird? How come it hits so hard with a very low Matk? (compared to other spells anyway)

I don't have Firestorm either because you can't have both Quake or Firestorm. I had Firestorm on my first sorc, there's no reason to take Firestorm over Quake, unless you want to max Concentration(then you wouldn't have enough points for Quake). It's a melee-range aoe that has a low chance to burn and burn doesn't scale to matk(or atleast Solar Flare's one)...
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