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28 Nov 2012
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PostedFeb 06, 2013 9:34 am

The Adventures Of Nemuu: Chapter 2

Hurhurhur xD
Chapter 2 Very Happy!!!!!!


I was shocked and my eyes widened when we kissed, i suddenly got up and we both were red,
i then said ".....W-well that was awkward", then Nat replied " was....", so then when i stood up i ran as fast as i could to my friend Naqi, i then hugged him tightly and looked at me with shock and said "What happened!?", i then started crying and said "I-i accidentally kissed nat!" He then hugged me back tight, and said "Dont worry it was an accident." then i looked up and smiled at him "Well...yeah it was..." and then i laughed, and he laughed with me, so next day, while i was walking thru the forest done with a quest, i was ambushed and thiefs sorround me, i was ready too use my staff, My friend Rhea came out of nowhere and saved me using her totems, she then grabbed me and said "Nemuu, Are you ok!?!" i nodded in surprise, and i said
"Rhea how did you find me?!", and replied "Nathaniel told me, he was concerned about your safety, besides your a girl you shouldn't be walking around the woods alone" and smiled, i looked at her and smiled back saying, "Ok! ill be careful next time!" and nodded, she then left and waved too me, i waved back obviously, soo when i came back home, i saw Ani and Nat on the couch looking worried, when they saw me then ran to me and hugged me and said, "Nemuu! your safe" then hugged me tightly, i couldnt breathe and said "I cant breatheeee" and they stopped hugging me and said "Sorry, we were just scared you might come back injured...." i then smiled and laughed, then Nat said out of nowhere "But why is he here" he pointed at Ani, and Ani replied saying "And why are YOU here?!", they glared at each other, and both of them said "Hey nemuu wanna go do a dungeon with me?!" and then they glared at each other again and i said, " you guys wanna stay over?" they then nodded in excitement, and then later on when it turned night, we then went too my room and said "Oh theres only one bed.....Maybe we should share the same bed?" and then they said "Of course i will!, but not with him." they pointed at each other, i then replied "uh....then let me be in the middle" so then we changed into our Pj's and went into the bed and went to sleep, i couldnt sleep and then they both turned at me and were saying in there sleep, "Nemuu....Kiss me" and then got all close to my face, and i sat up and they accidentally kissed each other, i looked at them, and laughed like crazy, and then when they woke up they jumped out the bed and i was still laughing.

End of Chapter 2



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08 Jan 2012
PostedFeb 06, 2013 9:40 am


hahahahahahaa moomoo i love it again xD ESPECIALLY THE LAST PART!!!! lol


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26 Apr 2012
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PostedFeb 13, 2013 10:22 am

Nasty things Nemuu >.>

Nasty indeed >:D
Gotta hate chu for the ending though >.>
But it's okay \o/
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