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29 Apr 2012
PostedFeb 04, 2013 5:34 pm

ESL AVA: European & North-America Tournaments in February!

Hello Community,

After the AIC tournament, and the Winter Cup, we have a new tournaments ready for you!

1st: European 5v5 Demolition Monthly Cup

We are back to our monthly cups! Each month we will be having a 5v5 demolition tournament for you, where you can win InGame prizes, ESL Prizes, and also be a star on the Live Stream Smile

Check out all the details:

2nd: North-America 5v5 Demolition Cup

We want to bring more life to the NA competitive community, and we are going to host another North-America based tournament. If we will see that the North-America competitive community is growing, we will also host those tournaments monthly, like we do with the european one. So, call your mates back, and get ready for the cup!

Check out all the details:

Live Stream will be done by one and only Stoner, and hes RushTV team!

VoD will be avaible on YouTube & Twitch TV (uncut footage)
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