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07 Dec 2012
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Jeneith's Short Stories vol.1

Short funny story about White Ruins
I was talking with my guildmates when i decided to write some short funny stories about everyday situations that happens in Grand Fantasia, I'm italian so sorry if the grammar isn't so good and some terms might be wrong. This story isn't a masterpiece and it is not meant to be it, but i hope it could give you a couple of smiles ^-^ don't forget to leave a comment so i know if you like it or not or (probably) if i should throw myself from a bridge XD have fun! =)

*edit* corrected some mistakes that i don't even know how it's possibile that I managed to do them

Jeneith’s Short Stories
White Ruins
Jeneith, a young witch lately discovering the huge world of Grand Fantasia finds herself involved in a challenge that everyone, from the noob to the pro, has to face soon or later: the White Ruins; in which trials and dangers await for poor adventurers, and in which even the smallest mistake could lead to an horrible death, this is the story of a brave group of adventurers.

Jeneith: LF party, white ruins
HolyFighter:i’m in
*HolyFighter has joined the group*
Powadruid: inviteinviteinviteinviteinviteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Swiftarrow:invite pls ^-^
*Swiftarrow has joined the group*
Powadruid: inviteinviteinviteinviteinviteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeargh!
*Powadruid has been kicked from the server: excessive spam*
*KillerX has joined the group*
*Powadruid logs in*
Powadruid: Invite…. ç_ç
*Powadruid has joined the group*

And so our group of brave heroes is ready to get in action, the only thing left was to set the roles

Jeneith:ok perfect we are full. Im quite new but I took a look on how the dungeon works, first of all we need someone to do damage…
Powadruid: I’ll do it!
Jeneith:… someone to take the damage…
Powadruid: I’ll do it!
Jeneith:… eventually someone that heals…
Powadruid: I’ll do it!
*evil smile* Jeneith:… and someone to commit suicide to bring bosses to raptors!
Powadruid: I’ll do it!... wait! WTF??!?
Jeneith:Perfect! I think the group is ready, holy you are the tank, me swift and killer will do the damage… druid, thanks for your sacrifice v.v everybody inside the dungeon!
Powadruid:but… but…

Everybody gets in

Once inside the first trial awaits them

Jeneith: ok here’s easy, players under level 50, in this case swift and druid, kill the first 5 pirates inside the room and, when they’ve done, us above that level will kill…. Killer? What are you….????!
*KillerX invisible gets inside the room where he gets orribly mutilated, sliced, burned and in the end gets eaten by the sharks due to a whole lot of pirates coming out from nowhere*
Jeneith: OUT! Everybody out fast! Let’s regroup!

Everybody exit the ruins to avoid being eaten from the sharks too, they fastly regroup while KillerX comes back with a really bad mood

Jeneith: Hey, np killer. Things that happen
KillerX:I’m a worthless guy…
Jeneith:Oh come on, it isnt so bad
KillerX:I’m the society’s junk
Jeneith:Awwww arent you a little overreacting?
KillerX:I don’t deserve to live…
Jeneith: Dammit killer are you emo?
KillerX: Of course I am °-°, why I would sit in the shadow with my blades everytime otherwise?
Jeneith:………..everybody let’s go inside…….

Everybody gets in again, this time the room is cleaned without problems

Jeneith: ok let’s kill the two pirates on the stairs
*rapid killing*
Jeneith:nice give everything to arrow so he can activate next room’s mechanism
Swiftarrow:okay ^.^

After some irrilevant events, like a huge pirates-dinosaurs brawl our heroes get inside the 4th room, apparently empty

Jeneith: If I do remember well in this room we have to battle 2 dragons, one big and evil, and one small and equally evil, to wake the big and evil dragon we need a lowbie to bait it in the middle of the room… *evil smile* where’s the SACRIFICE?
Jeneith: ^-^
PowaDruid: you wouldn’t… would you?
Jeneith: ^-^
PowaDruid: I refus….

*Jeneith grabs PowaDruid and throws him in the middle of the room where a huge dragon appears and tries to eat him*
Jeneith: Attack!
PowaDruid: Heeeeeeeelp! Please save meeeeeeeeeeee!
*Thunders, arrows and slashes hit the dragon, and in the end, the dragon dies leaving a little sliced and diced PowaDruid*
PowaDruid: Thanks guys, I was expecting the wors… OH MY GOD WHAT’S THAT THING?!?
*the small and equally evil dragon swallows PowaDruid and flies away
Jeneith: Well, I think we’re done with this room, let’s ho ahead.

And everybody goes to the next room where Swiftarrow cleans the path of little dragons

Jeneith: Ok Swift, kill the sheep in the middle of the room, should be enough
Swiftarrow: At your command! ^-^
*Swiftarrow kills the sheep and every enemy vanishes with a noisy *pof*… only to be substituted by a GIANT ANGRY SHEEP!*
Jeneith: That comes quite unexpected, maybe I was wrong…
Holyfighter: Let’s do this!
Jeneith: Wait there’s something wrong… what is this stink?
*everybody turns around only to see a PowaDruid completely covered by a strange brown stinky thing*
Jeneith: Powa, what have you done?
PowaDruid: I manage to escape after being swallowed by the dragons… but on the “other” side -_-
Jeneith: Gross… well we were just waiting for ya, we need the SACRIFICE. Do you see that huge angry and probably deadly sheep over there?
PowaDruid: W-Wait! Nonono, don’t try…
Jeneith: ^-^
PowaDruid: Don’t make that smile
Jeneith: ^-^
*Jeneith tries to grab Powa but stops herself quite disgusted, so throws Powa to the sheep with the help of a fireball, needless to say the sheep doesn’t take well the stink and charges the poor druid*
PowaDruid: HEEEEEEELP, it wanna kill meeeeeeeh!
Jeneith: Take it to the second room, we’re gonna clean next room meanwhile
*Broken bones noises and cries follows the brave group as they kill the mini-version of the huge sheep*

And so our heroes are finally in front of the final boss, a huge black demon, quite mad and even constipated, will they be able to win this hard final challenge?

Jeneith: Great, we’re here finally, I suggest to wait Powa and take also this to room 2, I think the dinosaurs were pretty hungry °-°
Holyfighter: No, we will slaughter it here and now! The evil will be purged by my blessed sword and holy shield!
Jeneith: Ehm… fighter, your courage is praiseworthy, but I would be very cautious speaking about “purging” in front of a constipated demon…. °-° (lol)
Holyfighter: My heart and my soul won’t be scared because they know the only true Light will guide them.
Jeneith: Ahem, allrighty it seems I won’t be able to convince you otherwise, let’s do this! Swift hide yourself in a corner and stay safe, you can help if you want but don’t put yourself in danger
Swiftarrow: Allrighty ^-^
Jeneith: Killer, me and you will slice and dice and burn this demon, put it in a nice Hot Demon and serve it to Kraft himself!
KillerX: Am I useless guy… I don’t deserve to live…
Jeneith: *Ahem*… let’s say it was a “yes”… go ahead Holy
Holyfighter: CHAAAAAAAARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*and so the bloody fight begins!*
*broken bones noises*
Jeneith: Thunder! *swallows a mana potion* Ice! *swallows a mana potion* FIRE! *swallows TWO mana potions*…
KillerX: nobody loves me… why I had to be born…
Swiftarrow: Panther help me! Lend me your powers!
*the panther looks at Swift with hungry eyes*
Swiftarrow: oh right… your cookies… where did I put them?...
*panther comes near…*
Swiftarrow: W-wait, I’m sure I put the somewhere, ohmygodimgonnabuythemrightnowwwwwwwwwwwww
*Swift flees chased by his own panther*

Fight goes on even more fiercely*
Holyfighter: People I can’t take it anymore! Quick!... the Light… I see it… WHAT THE Hard ARE YOU DOING HERE?
*Holyfighter dies*
*The demon roars at Jeneith*
Jeneith: Don’t try to tell me what I shoul do! *hiccup* I’m an adult *hiccup* I’m not drunk… *hiccup*
*Jeneith faint due to drunkenness*
Swiftarrow: Please, I promise, I will give you doble, I-I m-mean TRIPLE ration of cookies!!!! ç_ç
*Swiftarrow gets eaten*
KIllerX: why did I come to this nasty and sorrowfull planet?IT WILL END HERE! IT’S OVER!!!
*KillerX commit suicide*


PowaDruid enters the room

PowaDruid: Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting, I just managed to flee that ugly sheep thanks to a lawnmower, how is it going with the boss?
*An huge shadow overshadows PowaDruid*
PowaDruid: WADDAFU… The End
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