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25 Mar 2007
PostedFeb 01, 2013 6:03 am

Questions about stats/magic attack

I've heard many people say int is useless because it only adds 1 damage each point you put in it. If I remember well each int adds 6 magic attack, so does that means your damage increases by 1 each 6 magic attack? Does that renders skills/buffs like weapon rune (adds 150 magic attack maxed) and elemental adept (adds 200 magic attack maxed) 'useless' in terms of increasing damage output? Because 150 : 6 = only a 25 increase in damage. So how are we sorcs able to increase our damage output but a noticeable amount? Only by getting a better weapon?

And what are we supposed to stat then? Wis feels like a waste of stat points to me, and con probably won't effect us much since we don't got any skills to increase our hp to add up.
Have any high lvl sorcs tried an int build and compared it to a con/wis build sorc? Was the damage from the int sorc noticeable higher or not?

Thanks a lot in advantage for any answers. I hope it can help me choose between con and int.

Edit: Something I forgot to ask, does water aegis and frost shield stack? I read somewhere that they don't, but I also saw some people implying they do stack. So I'm little confused.


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04 Dec 2007
houston United States
PostedFeb 01, 2013 12:42 pm

Att stats

most people forget that sure it adds 6 mag att but it also adds to your crit. im a 9int/1wis build sorc and I do tones of dmg. I mostly use an elemental to tank so this works for my build.
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