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17 Dec 2012
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PvP(RvR/Castle Seige/Toggle System) Eos Side

To start off with, I'm not great at analyzing a game, looking at gameplay, or any of the sort. I prefer to have PVE combat. I've always sucked horribly at person vs. person combat in ANY type of game, even online FPS like CoD, or Halo. No matter the case, even from my PVE perspective, and Eos side perspective, it's pretty clear to notice these things:

Guild: In certain standards, it is by far to get my guild Titans to do much of anything because they don't bother to pay attention to the guild chat. Now, it isn't exactly MY guild any longer. I just transferred my leadership over to Haniyasu as it was originally his, I'm the Vice-Leader now. No matter the case, catching guild members attention is truly difficult when the chat is pretty much small, inconspicuous, and unnoticeable in the bottom left corner. I can understand making it translucent when not using it and all of that. But the color schemes used to make the different chats stand out is all that...diverse? I think that's the right word. The guild chat stands out fully. It's in a dark Indigo color, but the rest of them don't quite stand out. General, Region, Class, and Party chat are difficult to discerne colors between them. They can get mixed up easily. Thsi is just one of the small issues I have with the chat system, what I want to implement is a guild notice system that makes itself not only present on the chat, but also present on the shout line for the GM's. Now, it doesn't take place within the GM line, it takes place within a line that is only visible to the members that are apart of that guild. Sort of like a shout line for the guild leader to the entire guild. Just something to catch all of their attention if they're online.

Solo: Now, if there's one thing I've noticed MAJORLY, it would be the solo system. I can fully understand making the NPC mobs stronger to the point where you NEED a party to make it through. That forces you to party up with others, and make friends, so on so forth. But the major issue here is that when you solo, compared to partying, your EXP and Gold gain skyrocket. This gives advantage to anyone who can manage soloing those high level enemies, such as the magic users kiting their way through everything(Duley noting in temple, when there's a mage kiting nearby my FPS drops to 0.50 if not lower). I'm not just focusing on the mages either, I'm a paladin. I can tank quite well, I've decked out my armor pretty well to suit both PVP and PVE combat(not including my weapon). I can tank pretty well when within a party, but by myself, I'm useless...mostly. The key point is that the mobs, as you get higher in level, they get much sstronger, but less in numbers. This still allows for solo, I can fully understand that as people just aren't social sometimes. Reason i say that is because Moogle, the only level 42 in Titans, has soloed her way to level 42 just by being an SM. That woman has my kudos for pulling such a stunt. I could probably do just the same if I tried hard enough. If, and when, I get to emtlant(level 35, but not going anywhere near Emtlant until I finish Temple completely) I can most likely solo he monsters outside of the city, and I'm fairly sure that's not what the devs were looking for. I dropped into the desert for a second or two, they hit pretty hard, but they're spaced out enough so I can take them on one by one, or just avoid them entirely(not adding in the fact that they wander aimlessly around the map). All in all, these two things can pull greatly away from the PVP type style that is looked for in this game.

Realms: Now, I'm going to tackle the issue of the realms. The only surefire way you can keep track of how many people there are in the realms is the Preist Jepher in Ledise(as far as I know, haven't checked anywhere else really), when you're invited to a party because it'll say whether the party leader is Eos or Dione(noting 90% of the parties I have joined, the party leader is Dione), and last but not least, the guild you join because you can only invite people into the guild who are the same faction as the guild leader made it out to be. In my own personal opinion, there's no accurate way to check factions and such. They just aren't all that implemented, nor noticeable. This game has been(is going to) be released as a PVP based game. Well, the issue is that the PVP is lacking in the notoriety department, as are the realms themselves. I recommend an option to inspect characters, and have a guild list available would help out on this greatly. I mean, heck, people get curious, don't they? I think it'd be interesting to be able to inspect someone, instead of asking them to link their items, and tell you their stats all the time when you can just simply right click on their toon and inspect it(invasion of privacy is not an issue, I'm sure most of you like to show off anyways). As for the guild list, well, the only guilds I know of are the ones that I have in memory. There should be a guild list implemented into the game so that you can see what competition you really have, and who you're going to be fighting against, or who your allies are. I've been in the dark on what all guilds have been made so far, what levels they're at, and how powerful they are.

RvR: RvR in itself is pretty dang fun, yes, I die a lot. I'm Eos, what else would you expect when Dione is the dominating force on this game? xD Nonetheless, I do not mind dying by Diones hands at all. And even though I die, I still get BP for doing assists to other Eos players, or even straight up killing a Dione. The only issue is that both factions have access to the entire Ruemon PVP area which allows for camping on bridges. A simple way to fix this is that the four bridges that lead into Ruemon should be locked off according to factions(two bridges for Eos, two for Dione). That way, the camping issue is solved by make the center peice the battle area. And I totally understand that you'll say, "But it'll get cramped and unspacious in the center peice!" That's easily fixed as well, have you seen the lake that Ruemon sits over? Have you seen how long and huge those pylons are? Modify the center peice to have a larger area so it isn't so cramped, but still accessible by the bridges.

Castle Seige: Now, I've only participated in one castle seige so far, I missed my second one because I was late on registration. I can't say much here, because my two cents of thought don't have the experience. But just like the realms, Castle Seige has no notoriety whatsoever. The reason I had missed my registration for my second Castle Seige(namely Baston Castle), was because I had to have been informed by a friend that it was happening soon. I had gathered up quite the force for that Castle Seige, but by the time I had got there, registrations were already done. Absolutely NOTHING said that a castle seige was happening that day, and I had just barely missed it. As for the castle seige i had participated in, that was halland Castle. That in itself, I sucked...majorly. I had only two guild members with me, but it was still fun. Just...once again, that day I had to have been notified by a friend that there was a castle seige.

Toggle PVP: Now, I am just as guilty as anyone else for not using this. But I have tried it a FEW times, one of which, I was really angry and wanted to kill the SM who had stolen my spectral knight from me on a daily quest. xD But yes, thinking this toggle system over, I can understand entirely why you would toggle it. People get pissed off if you just randomly walk up to them and kill them when they're almost done with a quest. It's just straight out rude, I would be angry. But in turn, I would want to kill them next time I see them. I don't have much for this either, so I probably don't have any right to speak. But it is used for friendly duels between each other, and that I can admire because such a system like this promotes healthy PVP battles and removes the grudges and animosity between characters. Even so, it's still pretty useless because of the consequences of dying. A double or nothing system should be set up within the PVP of this game. Now, I'm not saying you lose EVERYTHING when you die, dear god no. That would just be purely horrible for PVP, what I'm saying is that you get the same consequences, or switch the EXP loss to gold or BP, but instead, if you win, the loser drops a random set of items on the ground that the winner can pick up. that in itself, that's a double or nothing type system.

Eos: Now this part, this is MY answer to Dione as to why all of this PVP type stuff is happening. I could put in a sociological or psychological perspective into this, but I'm sure that won't help much. first of all, I have witnessed my guild be MAJORLY lazy buggers. Truly, it is a sad sight to see. but upon looking, I also noticed that the majority of Eos is only looking for PVE at the moment. Now don't go saying I'm taking on Eos' response entirely. I'm making my GUILDS response to this mess. Anyone outside of my guild is of no concern to me, no matter how different their answer may be. That's them, not me, or my guild. Keep in mind that patience is a virtue, and when this game gets released, more and more players will take place over time. Once that happens, things SHOULD level out properly. If not, then I don't know what to tell you any longer. And if that does happen, don't even bother reading any further. I'm not a person who ragequits on games, or is a poor sport when I lose. If i lose, I lose. And anyone in my guild should be just the same. I'm in this game for the fun of it, not make grudges, or hate, or dislike anything. Anyone who is like that, well...that's you. And I can guarantee, you won't be my friend anytime soon if you're unreasonable or irrational. And most people say, "it's just a game." Well, yes, it is just a game. But with me, I have no life. Get used to the fact that I'm going to get attatched to it. In any case, I have been trying my hardest to get my guild to participate in PVP events, but sadly, none of them listen all too well. The guild is growing, and as a guild gets larger, it becomes more difficult to control. This isn't an issue for me, if people won't listen, i can just kick them out. No matter the cause, I can't give you an absolute answer as my answer doesn't reflect the entire planet. Expecting that much out of me, even though my name IS Atlas, just not worth your time to think so.

Yes, this post is extensive and long, but it would be great reading material to pass the time at somepoint. I am sorry for being a chatty cathy, or rambler, but I thought I'd just say these things for others to read and get some insight into this PVP issue.

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