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09 Jul 2012
coimbatore India
PostedFeb 13, 2013 2:24 pm

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Account Name: GingerByte
NPC Name : Songsmith Seiren
Where We Met : Ling Chi Fortress
Game: TwelveSky2

I thought that I could love no other
Until, that is, I met your Sister.
Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not
I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.


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08 Sep 2008
BsAs Argentina
PostedFeb 13, 2013 3:06 pm
Account Name: juan_101
NPC Name: Nerdin
Where We Met: Map 2 (light)
Game: Shaiya

Oh i tell you, my love for you is real
just like your name is weird
seriously who names their child nerdin?
nothing rhymes with nerdin.

Anyways i love you, my dear muse
more than i love kevin bacon
although he was great in Footloose
and in the movie Tremors

my point is, i love you more than i love bacon
that has to be true love Cool


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13 Aug 2012
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
PostedFeb 13, 2013 3:11 pm
Account Name: XeinaAerohart
NPC Name : Defender Kyllin
Where We Met : Arena Stronghold
Game: Shaiya

As you Kiss me, all I can say,
behind this skin, I'm a male by the way.
Hey wait up, don't run away!!!
Oh thank goodness you decided to stay <3

- Jade


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23 Mar 2011
San Jose United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 6:23 pm

Account Name: GMPaladin
NPC Name: Froggs Corpse
Where We Met: Outside Darsilmarsh
Where We Parted: Desert outside Turnpike
Game: Scarlet Blade

Spend all your time walking
Through this desert land,
For a drink that would make it okay.

You’re always so thirsty
You didnt bring enough.
And it's dry at all times of the day.

I need some refreshment,
Oh, delicious H20.
salty sweat seeps from my pores.

Let me be soggy,
Oh, and soaking,
And maybe I'll find some drink tonight.

In the arms of the angels,
Fly away from here,
From this bright, hot desert land,
And the endlessness of the waste.
You are pulled from the swampland,
Of your native habitat.
You're in the arms of the angels,
May you find some comfort there.

So tired of the darsilmarsh,
And everywhere you turn,
There's frogs and toads at your back.

The trees keep on twisting.
Keep on growing up high
They shade out the plants that you love.

It don't make no difference,
Drinking one last time.
It's easier to run out in this dry wasteland,
Oh, this desolate badland,
That brings me to my knees.

In the arms of the angels,
Fly away from here,
From this bright, hot desert land,
And the endlessness of the waste.
You are pulled from the swampland,
Of your native habitat.
You're in the arms of the angels,
May you find some comfort there.

You're in the arms of the angels,
May you find some comfort there.


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05 Jan 2010
Grand Prairie United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 6:39 pm

Account name : PaperSpirit
Game: Starlight Story
NPC: Hades

A haiku for Hades:

Hades I love you
but only for tomorrow
Forever alone...



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05 Jan 2008
New York United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 7:39 pm
Account Name : MasterShinichi
Character: KiritoTan
NPC Name : Love Oracle Dia
Location : Aven
Game : Eden Eternal
Server: Diamond

Oh Dia, Oh Dia!
How your love oracle fortune last.
When we first met it was like heaven,
But that all changed so fast.
"The Grieving Period buff" hit my soul.
Which prevented me from loving,
But dispite all of that my brave pet
Gingerbread man,
Will allow us to share a sweet treat
While we reunite as a couple,
When we both go out to eat.


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15 Aug 2011
PostedFeb 13, 2013 9:46 pm

My Teddy and Me

Account Name: carllustre87
NPC Name: Boxing Master Takoz
Where We Met: Tranquil Hill
Game: Eden Eternal

I love you
What I say is true
I feel like its heaven when we're together
But I guess I just want to be with you forever

Till death do us part or so they say
Is a phrase we have yet to hear some day
For each moment when were together
I feel as if it can last forever

Do you feel the same for me?
Or would you rather be away and free?
Perhaps love is but a fleeting emotion
It’s something that we should tread with caution

I am certain that the love I hold for you is real
I want to know from you what you really feel
Then again your smile tells me your joy
Being with a man like me and not a silly boy

Our love gives us the happiness we need
It’s like the ground where there’s always a weed
It’s like we can eat a ton of chocolate
Maybe a cake, pastry or a nice cold parfait

Perhaps love may nothing be more transient
But I cherish the moments we spent
May we both love each other
From now until forever


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30 Oct 2011
Williamstown United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 10:03 pm

Aikosa and DeadDrag0n


Account Name: Darkbra102095
NPC Name: Trader Aikosa
Where We Met: Kailan Fortress
Game: Twelve Sky 2

I always had a feeling
That this day will come revealing
With the love that I express
I know it stays warm in your chest
You gave me all your attention
So I must mention
My love for you is real
My heart is steel
I won't change or rearrange
So on this very Valentine's Day
Will you forever be my baby?


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03 Feb 2013
PostedFeb 13, 2013 10:16 pm

mikeaeon n manezu


acrobat manezu
hidea town

roses are red
violets are blue
my little manezu
i love you

after playing to much quakeIII or quake live no game is fast annymore


EOS Founder
02 Apr 2008
Yulee United States
PostedFeb 13, 2013 10:22 pm

Account Name: Oberonu
NPC Name: Florist Lillian
Where We Met: Sanctum City (N)
Game: Golden Age

When I went to Sanctum City,
There you were both bold and pretty;
Eyes as blue as the summer sky,
Lost my heart which learned to fly;
Your blonde hair flowing in the wind,
Love you till my day's end;
You made roses a beautiful design,
I knew this was my sign;
You made me bold you made me strong,
So to you I sung a song;

We fell in love on a summer's day,
Now we watch as our children play;
You make me strong you make me bold,
My castle is our strong hold;
Let them come, let them try,
The odds we will defy;
I'll hold our island, hold our land,
All because you made me your man;
Let them scream, let the shout,
In the end, they shall pout;
They can't stop our great love,
If they try we'll open the flood;
They'll run and they'll scream,
They can't stop our dream;

Eternal love until the end,
Even death, can not bend;
Our love is forever bound,
None like ours can be found;
It started when I went to Sanctum City,
Cupids arrow made us so silly;
Now flowers across our island bloom,
And time goes zoom zoom zoom;
It started with a twist of fate,
We're in love so let the haters hate;
Old and beautiful you're still fine,
Let the bells of time continue to chime;
We'll grow old your hand in mine,
All the way till the end of time.

Written by Obe!

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."
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