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11 Jan 2013
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PostedJan 31, 2013 7:36 am

[Eos] <NEET Guild>

Recruiting Active Members

Arrow Lonely? Need a friend? Can't find a group? Google just doesn't have the answer to that question?

Arrow Then <NEET> may be the guild you are searching for. A significant amount of core players have reached max level. These devoted players have been gearing themselves and helping others gear up so that we can prepare for the advancement of even more of our members.

Arrow So where does this leave everyone else?
Well recruitment is set for level 20 and beyond, this means that not all players online are max level. These players who still strive to reach their end goals are usually also looking for the quests you seek, or share similar expectations that you do. We recruit a range of levels so that our members will not feel left out of the activities going on

Arrow Even though having fun is our main goal, getting geared and progression in end game eventually catch up. We try our best to get our newer end gamers involved with our groups. When possible, we try our best to include as many guildie as possible to gear them, and guide them to a more exciting play time.

Idea Ready to join us?
Need to be in Eos Faction
Need to have RaidCall for voice chatting

Exclamation Just leave your IGN/Class/Level for those that are interested in joining.
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