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17 Jul 2012
PostedFeb 12, 2013 8:33 am
exoteric2120 wrote:
Obviously the server issue is a higher priority than paying out play times. But really, what exactly are the GM's doing in order to fix a NETWORK ISSUE. As far as I'm concerned, and as I've been told, this game is run by DIFFERENT groups of people.


Servers go to network devs at AGE, Dragonfly, AND the hosting site of the actual servers. So there's communicating to do, and not necessarily including much involvement with the GM's.

Updates: Suggested by AGE, applied by Dragonfly, once per month.

Hacks: Reported by AGE, patched by anti-cheat.

General/support/event/misc HELP DESK TICKETS: Handled SOLELY BY THE GM'S.

So if the GM's rely on other parties, and wait on them in order to get things done, what exactly do they do if they don't personally patch hacks, fix network issues or update the game in any way, or work on updating it since they aren't the game developer?

We were already told that Aeria Games CANNOT modify this game in ANY WAY, they need to rely on other parties to handle that.

With that said, what's the excuse? LOL

I can care less about the play time at this point, but I just find it funny to see GS's jumping to Aeria's defense and blindly jumping into threads and speaking on behalf of them without actually thinking about IF what they're saying makes any type of sense.

Anyways, that's just my point of view. We don't get input from PM's/GM's about what actually goes down, so there's only common sense and obvious blanks to fill in. Could always be wrong of course, but I don't think so. Seems like they're understaffed or they aren't working enough like they used to.

Either way, this type of stuff has been going on for years, so I'm not surprised and it doesn't bother me in the least. The funny replies we get sometimes by GS's or GM's are just hilarious. Same for in game from players, it's what makes this game truly epic xD  

i agree with this guy lol no one cares about playtimes being paid out, we just want a hack free game(besides the hackers).
And with the GameSages, wtf is their job? all i see them doing is typing a bunch of crap on aeria's behalf(and thats alot of crap, they talk out of their azz).
Aeria bought USF so aeria should fix USF, they are to blame for the outbreak in hacks because they done nothing at all to prevent it, and still sitting on their azz's putting up tiers. They say it will take time, they have been saying it for the past 3months but yet every update is just another way to scrape more cash out of the community, after the feb update ill give it 2-3days(thats if they even patch hacks) before more hacks are released.
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