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My 2 cents on the battle system

GL to whoever is trying to redo the system... lol
To redesign the battle system is not an easy task as everyone is shouting "Just let vanguards be able to attack down enemy." That isn't a solution. I just wanted to get my 2cents out there and look at the fundamentals of what the system needs to accomplish yet at the same time the challenges of doing so. (In my Opinion)

What the battle system needs to be able to achieve (IMO):
1) Balance between F2P and P2P players in order to retain F2P and P2P
Players are the biggest content. No players, game gets boring, people move on. P2P gets bored because there is no "content," and P2P moves on. But at the same time Aeria games has to be able to earn money from selling things in cash shop. Like MMORPGS, if there are very little players, you can't do much and you will get bored. Subscribers leave. Relying on new players to play for 30 days then quit because they get fustrated and hoping the influx of new players is greater than the loss is like playing a ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail after X amount of time has passed.

2) Fighting chance for any guild with teamwork:
There should never be a fight where 1 guy who has the biggest pocket can win a team fight solo. That is the wrong way to go and the best way to turn away any hard working F2P or occasional "paying" players. Team tactics must be integral in giving weaker guilds a fighting chance at winning. Yet at the same time must be done in a manner that can encourage a constant back and forward attack manner and lower the effectiveness of "Ninja" as the ultimate META.

3) Effectiveness of P2P decreases per "use" during a specific battle and resets per battle: During fights, using cash items to "restore" mana in anyways should have a decrease in effectiveness throughout battle therefore you encourge some cash item spending but force guilds to use it tactically and not just keep using it for "unlimited" mana because they got more.

------------------------------------------------------------------The Problem with current system

Current Battle System complainers all complain about the same thing, "they are not honorable, they are not fighting fair, they are boring." Sorry but these are not legit excuses to why the battle system is flawed. You never fight a enemy that is stronger and bigger than you on a equal ground, you must find a way to give yourself the edge in order to win the battle. Honor cannot feed a person, honor means nothing if you lost the battle. You lose a battle, you are effectively stumping your guild's growth and ability to obtain better cards through the rewards. Those who complain about the current system are mostly people QQing from the significantly stronger guilds that can always win in a 60 minute slug fest. The smaller guilds rely heavily on tactical advantage in order to even out the play ground.

The current battle system is not "flawed" persay in terms of mechanics. But it is flawed in the sense that is it not "fun" for most players because out of the 60 minutes. you are spending almost 50 minutes building combos and then 5-10 minutes of actual vanguard slugging. Rearguards have a lot to do, vanguards are usually bored to death playing dead and wasting their time fighting.

A change to the current battle system I can see that will still keep the whole system in tact and improve the "fun" factor is if you do intend for out of the 60 minutes to be mostly tactical "posteuring" then you should allow the guild leader to set a "guild tactical" system before hand in the guild menu.

"Guild tactical system" could be like this:
Deployment of Vanguard 2 frontlines (60- 5 mintutes):
This option will allow your Vanguards to stand in the rear before being deployed. They will have twice the cost to assist when in rear lines. Once they are 1 minute from entering the front lines, the enemy will see a "animation flash across the screen" "Enemy vanguards are approaching the front lines!"

Dynamic Forced Deployment
Guild Leader, Officer, or Any member granted access to Guild tactical system, can force advancement of their vanguard at any moment in battle regardless of set timer. Vanguard advances 1 minute from when forced deployment occures, unless Ambush passive was chosen before hand.

A Possiable Senario with this system:
When Team A vanguards are not at the frontline, then team B vanguards cannot attack Team A. Team A will not be able to attack the enemy either, because they are dug into a defensive position. Team B will generate 1000 Gp per minute for each minute the enemy vanguard is missing from field as team B has "control" over the "zone" with their vanguards at the front. If both Team A and B are missing, both generates time with no attack occurring. When both A and B are on the zone, and one side vanguard is "wiped out" the side still standing will continue to generate 1k per minute.

Therefore when both enemies are not on the field until the last 5 minutes, both side will have 55k GP generated. As the setting forces at least 5 minutes of fighting, if your team tries to ninja, it will be fairly difficult to setup correctly. But if you can, you deserve that ninja.

Guild Ability (Pick one of the following passives set before war starts)
A) Improved Rear Support-lines
- Assists are more effective, but rear attacks are weaken with passive HP regen of +500 to vanguards per minute

B) Improved Vanguard Facilities.
- Vanguard defense and attacks are improved, but with increased MP cost. and increased attack timer combo

C) Morale High
- All MP costs are reduced by 1-3 points randomly on use

D) King of the Zone
- Uncontested use of of Zone generates passive +500 GP per minute with 500 HP regenerated per minute.

E) Total Disregard of Order
- Any attacks or assists will always increase combo chain, but all timers are reduced to 2 minutes. Using multiple cards will increase chain = to # of cards used. Damage taken by team using this order is increased by 10%.

F) Crystal Mining
- Rear team is unable to do any rear attacks, assisting is weaken as they are busy mining crystal on the map. Each 50 assist Combo nets an extra crystal up to 6 extra crystals can be netted from combat)

G) Ambush
- For the first 5 minutes of vanguard entering the field, vanguards will received a invurability window of 15 seconds due to catching enemy offguard with 25% attack increase on first hits of each vanguard. This overrides the 1 minute warning the enemy team will see and will instantly vanguard team on the field without enemy recieveing a warning

H) Lookout
- Team is unable to be ambushed. Gains 15 seconds of invurability due to spotting enemy and gains 25% defense per attack of each enemy vanguard.

Combo Consumption - Boosts
Designated Team Leader will gain access to a menu in battle to allows them to consume combos for quick boosts.

Time Extension - Consumes 2 combos of specific combo and increases timer by 2 minutes

Attack Boost - Consumes 50 attack combos and increases attack damage 25% for first attacks of each vanguard.

Defense Boost - Consumed 50 assists and places -25% attack buff on each enemy vanguard for 1 hit

Sobotage - Consumes 25 combo of attack/assist and enemy loses 5 minutes off their timer of the specific combo

Counter-Intel - Consumes 25 Combo of attack/assist and protect specific combo from 1 unit of Sobotage

Valhalla - Consumes 300 Attack combo - All attacks boosted by 100% and mana decreased by 50%

Iron Curtain - Consumes 300 Assist - all enemy attacks are debuffed by 100% and enemy mana costs are increased by 50%

Smoke Screen - Consumes 5 Assist - next 10 minutes, Enemy cannot determine who is attacking or assisting and is unable to tell what your combo # is at. But enemy is able to determine HP of enemy still.

Gale- Consumes 5 Assist - Cancels out enemy Smoke Screen

Just my crazy ideas that are different and builds on this system that will allow a wider range of tactics that can be applied. Such as Crystal mining guilds aren't looking to "win" their wars. But if they managed to get away with 6 extra crystals even "losing" the war, they are happy as they have obtained their objective anyways. Being able to set your own goals to how you determine your own "personal" win is always a nice bonus. Therefore if you lost the war, but accomplished your guild's Personal "objective" (aka crystal mining passive) then you know you guys did what you wanted.

End of the Day
- This will allow Guild to set how they want the battle to flow for them (Building VS Attacking), and can change it with forced deployment
- Forced continuous attacks when vanguards are at the frontline, and prevent enemy from waiting till the end without deploying fairly quickly to counter enemy vanguard zone control.
- Increased slugging during the actual war fight in order to use "Combo" boosts to force enemy into submission.
- Guild passives allows guilds to set a style they like. Aggressive, All in, defensive, utility, lose the war - win our own own objective (crystal mining). etc...


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04 Oct 2011
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PostedJan 29, 2013 8:02 pm
Sorry, i will try to edit the post and make it look less like a wall of text, but it is worth a read if you have time.

And saving this post as a extra space incase i need it. =)


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PostedMar 11, 2013 2:13 am
Interesting points. Worth considering. Thanks for contributing.

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