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30 Jul 2012
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PostedJan 29, 2013 3:39 pm

Hemi Powered Dragster!

Muscle cars are by far the most recognizable drag cars in the World which is why we built the Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee “Relentless” Edition!

The Super Bee has been kitted out, widened, lowered, and all around made more menacing. The “Drag Pack” added to this dodge is built for conquering opponents when the light turns green. It wears a classic Dodge orange hue, accented by the matte black hood, and the blacked out roof panel and chin spoiler. The parachute and wheelie bar out back show that it means business.

Under the hood is a is a monster HEMI 6.1 Liter engine pushing out 425 HP! With that engine and the exclusive Aero Reduction drag Skill Mod that only comes with drag edition cars you’ll be ruling the strip in no time!
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