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16 May 2012
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PostedFeb 02, 2013 7:58 am
XiaoJyun wrote:
clanallard wrote:
XiaoJyun wrote:
you should add a few weapons to balance this out, meaning some more old PM guns (much like you allowed TPG for sniper)

this looks more like beta cup than old school to me, dont see a reason to not allow aks74u (the 1st usefull PM gun) and rifles like g36 and tar

Just my opinion, since currently it seems pretty much 1 tpg + 4 rifles (which are only really m4 and AKs)  

I agree. Guns like SG550, Tar, G36, L85A2, FNFNC, AK74M, Aug(a1+a3) PP2000, M4Spectre, SG552 and AWM should be allowed.
They are old school guns non laser guns and they are quite challenging to use. It gives more variety to the tourney so it will be more enjoyable.  

no sg550 bro, lol. Free Knights rifles, we only need g36 and tar, rest nobody would use anyway

just should allow AWM and a bunch of SMGs  

I think L85 and FN FNC would be used if they would be allowed :3

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