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05 Oct 2012
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PostedFeb 25, 2013 3:35 pm
ghostsick wrote:
HeavensChaos wrote:
qawsar wrote:
RockmanZXZ wrote:
I Know it was like that for stuff that moves...all "animal type" pets. But what if u get a FLOWER or BUSH as a pet?

I think those dont really behave as pets but are headgears instead...  

They bounce around xD Atleast from what I remember for the plant types. It doesn't make much sense, but it is an anime type game after all xD  

Any idea what these pets do? do they loot for you? Help you fight? Just stand there and be cute ( I am not opposed to the this xD)?  

I would assume certain pets do certain things some are warriors while some are domestic livestock I got lucky and got a panda and a pig in alpha they were used for as gathering mats, but u had to raise them to grow up and stuff, but I've seen pics of dragons and I don't think they would be used for mats. But to answer ur question, based on what I've actually witnessed pets just stand there and be cute while giving u rare materials  

So it's kinda like the sprite system in GF? They could collect/give bonuses, or just collect material for crafting? Cool. In recent games, I've missed that.

Also, the amount of coding for one pet is the reason this game isn't out yet.... They're making it perfect for us! Very Happy
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