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22 Dec 2011
PostedJan 26, 2013 5:49 am

Equations Showing how Attributes are calculated

I have been working on these equations for 2 weeks and the following tells you how attributes of a hero is determined by gears and hero qualities. Please note that I am not representing any official members of Aeria Games to release these equations.

1. The first thing is every time your hero levels up, attributes must increase but by how? This is how.
Equations showing how attributes naturally increase per level up BEFORE allocating points;

2. Matrix showing how Strength, Vitality, Intelligence (in hero AND in the green numbers of a gear) and white attributes of a gear affect the attributes; If you do not know how to turn matrix into simple equations i have an example for you.

Now to this far you might wonder how I know this is the true equation or not. Testing is the only way to verify. You may now open the epic hero page, and pick one unapproved hero to put in number to verify.

Take Edan as an example, S=V=I=30, Aw=Dw=Iw=0, G=1.6. You can find that a=d=g=76 or little more. You also try Theseus, S=60, V=50, I=30, Aw=Dw=Iw=0, G=2.5.

3. To conclude here is a general Equation (Summarising all of the above);

5. Basically the above is what I have discovered but they are still not able to determine the quality of a hero. Below is what I have worked further.

I take the liberty to use Hero Index as a tool to measure the how good a hero is with some modification as below;
- The last term of Aw, Dw, Iw is neglected;
- So, Vo, Io are neglected;

The rationale behind is to find out how much the hero index of a hero increase per level-up

Here is a difficulty since Sgear, Vgear, Igear are Strength, Vitality, Intelligence in green in the gears and does not change with levels of hero thus it is necessary to express these terms with lv. Luckily powerful gear sets provide a useful a guideline. There is a pattern in the value of green number for gears in Matthew, Idas, Mieliam.

Now substitute the newly Sgear, Vgear, Igear into the change of HI,

Thus the index (Ta+Td) m + 5G measures how good a hero is. If bonus in the skills are considered, the index should be [(Ta+Td) m + 5G] *(1+skill bonus).

6. The conclusions from these equations are
a. Growth rate is important since it has two functions, one is to multiply green number in the gears to add attributes in the heroes and second multiply each point player allocates after each hero level-up.
b. Talents also affect attack/defence, not only the quality of rebirth.

I am Laxendor in Hydra alliance from Apocalypse and currently living in Hong Kong. Feel free to contact me to get the Excel file calculating any of the above or discuss with me any calculation procedures. I am also working on following projects and is getting results;

1. How scores in dungeons is calculated? (useful in getting SSS at the lowest cost)
2. The algorithm in fights between two army? (useful in pre-determining the result of a fight)

But these all need large amount of data so if you are interested in cracking these equations feel free to contact me and we can work on together.

PDF for the above results:
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