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PostedJan 25, 2013 6:24 pm

[Info] Reactor Defenders Challenge

Pirate Galaxy will be extended with a new kind of challenge!

First of all: This is no one-time event. The "Reactor Defenders" challenge is here to stay! The challenge will update every two weeks, growing more sophisticated and diverse in order to always be tough and demanding. At the same time the challenge rewards users with a significant boost to their ladder ranking! The challenge will appear on a yet unknown planet in the Draconis system.

How to Master the "Reactor Defenders" Challenge

  1. Assemble a Powerful Squadron - create a powerful squadron with up to 5 members and do not forget to enter a great name. While it is not required to start a challenge, a full squad of 5 pilots is highly recommended! The squadron leader can then start the challenge.
  2. Defend the Reactor Against Enemy Attack - the main goal is to defend the reactor at the center of the map by destroying enemy attackers. You cannot affect the reactor in any way, so the key is to keep as much enemy fire away from it as possible.
  3. Complete More Enemy Waves Than any Other Squadron - with every completed wave your score will be updated according to your performance. Each subsequent wave of enemies will be harder to defeat than the previous wave. There will always be a next wave, and not completing a wave will end your challenge.
  4. Get the Top 5 Bonus for Your Ladder Ranking - when the challenge ends, your score will appear on the ranking board. The ranking board’s scores will be evaluated and reset every two weeks. During score evaluation the ladder ranking of every pilot on the ranking board is improved according to their best score. The Top 5 squadrons’ members receive an extra bonus to their ladder ranking!

See you soon in Draconis!
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