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How to post for technical support.

Simple things to include to help figure out the problem.
How to post for technical support.
When posting a thread regarding your issue please provide the following information so that when people read your problem they can give better solutions.

  1. Create a new thread, do not hijack other people's threads.
  2. Clearly state the problem you are having. Do not just say "it's broken" If there is an error message appearing please be sure to include it, this is an incredible help for people trying to help you. If there are no error messages and it is something you can provide a screenshot of, please consider providing one.
  3. If your game is crashing or you are having graphical issues please provide us with a copy of your dxdiag so we can verify system requirements and driver installation.
    Posting a dxdiag
    1. Click Start and then Run (Windows XP) or use the Search bar in the start menu on Vista/7
    2. Type "dxdiag" and select OK,
    3. When the DirectX Diagnostic tool opens select "Save All Information" at the bottom of the screen and save the file. Remember where you saved it!
    4. Open the file, copy all the info and paste into a post.

  4. If you have already tried some solutions but they have failed to fix the issue please provide us with the ones you have tried so we don't suggest the same fixes more than once.
  5. Remember to be polite, I know it can be frustrating trying to troubleshoot problems but keep in mind the people that are responding are just trying to help.

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