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26 Apr 2011
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PostedJan 21, 2013 1:24 am

[Support] Phising Sites and Account Hackings

Please be careful of any individual(s) who have been passing around a phishing site to players of our community. These players have created imitation sites to pretend to be an official site from/affiliated with Aeria Games and then stealing their accounts, participating in in-game scams and then deleting the characters. - BUT THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL SITES OR IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH AERIA.

Many of these phising sites end in .tk or are hosted on a free hosting domain. They also usually claim "dko" "dragonknightonline" "freeap" and "aeria games" or "events" in the URL. We currently have in-game announcements alerting players of this. Remember, ACCOUNT SECURITY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and the same terms apply as stated in our Terms of Service.

Please be weary of anyone who asks for your account information.

Aeria Games employees will never ask for your account name and password. NEVER type these two things anywhere except for the website and/or to login to one of our official games.

Here is a list of the "DKO" sites that are moderated/owned by Aeria Games:

Any other sites are NOT moderated/handled/owned by Aeria Games.

These individuals have also taken text from some our events, claiming that it's a sign-up for 'special AP events'. This person has also used excuses like "I'm dying and I always wanted to play level xx character" or "Let me use your account and I'll give you my xx character".

As it states in our Terms of Service - each account is limited to ONE ACCOUNT OWNER. You are NOT allowed to share, trade or sell your account.

Keep these things in mind and it will greatly reduce the risk of losing your account to a hacking.

Credit goes to the fabulous GM Mokona
Copied from GM Mokona 9 Original Post)
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