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Scarlet Blade Private Access - Restricted Alpha is now LIVE!

Help the Scarlet Blade team prepare for Beta with your feedback!


Calling all Commanders! Scarlet Blade Restricted Alpha is now LIVE!

The Scarlet Blade Team has been working hard to get the game ready for launch, and we need your help: If you've been specially selected, please join the Scarlet Blade Restricted Alpha to help us analyze and improve the game so it can go public as soon as possible!

What does Restricted Alpha mean?
Restricted Alpha means that the game is a work-in-progress and is not ready for open public access yet. A Restricted Alpha is being done as early access to a small number of specially-selected community members, so that ojavascript:void(0);ur team can learn more about Scarlet Blade and get your bug reports and feedback.

What to expect
Scarlet Blade isn't quite ready to be launched into Beta yet-- This is an early sneak-peek Restricted Alpha, meant to give our specially-selected Commanders a chance to review and play the game in a work-in-progress state. Please be aware of the following:
  • English text localization is NOT FINISHED! You will see "overlength" issues (text does not fit in its designed "box" in the UI). text inconsistencies, poor English, nonsensical gibberish, and maybe even some Korean text-- It's OKAY! It will be finished for Beta!
  • Voice Over is not in the Alpha! The voices are still in progress, so they will not be here for Alpha-- Expect them for Beta though
  • Game systems are not finalized! Some of the game systems are also a work-in-progress and will change significantly before our Beta launch
  • Some things may be different than "Queens Blade Online" (Korea)! Just because something is in the Korean version of the game, doesn't mean it will be in the US version of the game
  • There is NO ITEM MALL! Restricted Alpha is about gameplay feedback, not the Item Mall, so this feature will not be available: Some Item Mall items will be available for free via in-game events and contests

How you can get involved
There are a number of great ways for you to get involved and help us prepare the game for its Beta launch. Please do whatever you can to help out-- Our team appreciates your contributions very much!
  • Play the game: Do quests, fight monsters, participate in PvP, explore the world-- Enjoy yourself and have fun!
  • Report bugs: Check out the posts here for instructions on how to properly submit a bug report, and remember: Text Localization is not complete and should not be reported
  • Give feedback with the Alpha community: We've designated special "Closed Alpha" forums just for you! Visit them right here to share stories, make friends, and give feedback to each other and the Scarlet Blade Team

Instructions to join in
  • Check the email account that is tied to your Aeria Games account to see if you were selected (Note: You can also just download the client and try to log in. If you get "DB Error" upon login, this means you were not selected for Alpha. Please see below for information on entering to win one of the remaining Alpha accounts via our Facebook contest!)
  • If you were selected, visit to download the client
  • Install the client, log in, and have fun!

There is still much for our team to do, but we're very proud of what's already been accomplished in such a short time! Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support-- With the help of this wonderful community, Scarlet Blade will soon be the biggest game launch in Aeria Games history!

-tactics, and the Scarlet Blade team.

Remember: This is not the final product. This is a work-in-progress Restricted Alpha test!

To all of our community members who were not selected for the Restricted Alpha: We appreciate your understanding, and hope you'll patiently look forward to the Scarlet Blade Beta-- Coming soon!

A small number of Alpha slots are still available! Visit our Facebook page for your chance to win one of these final slots as soon as possible!

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