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Re: i see bots ppl

i see bots ppl
filipvarga wrote:
Still doesnt help, no matter how many spammers I block, there is still new ones appearing every hour.

Set a lvl requirement to use Class Chat, like Rekikyo suggested, around lvl10 or 11.  

And then how many new players are we gonna get? not many cuz class chat is the primary chat for lowbies and newbies until lvl 20. not many people use area cuz it only gets so far, and how many times a day do you hear the 'wheres ramon/zemon?' question? and you're usually level 11-13 on that quest, or even lower for 'where do i get the thread?' for the rest of intro quests in ledise. they'd quit in a heart beat when they got to lvl 5 and realized they still didn't have class chat, and wouldn't know how to get into a guild and use that chat, or even know what camp chat is for. true they dont use those chats till at least 20, buut, if you put em in a game with all these chat tabs, and they can only use area until lvl 10 or 11, they wont stay past lvl 5 i can guarantee you.

I played shaiya, and i was not thrilled that i was restricted from chatting till lvl 5 i think it was.

Infected wrote:
hi all

well if your objective is "never see a spam msg ingame", the solution should be as fast as they create an acc and get back to spam, i mean, go stop playing, send a report wait some days .... for 1 spammer in those days u will get trilion of new spammers operating, it should be a quick and strong solution to the problem.

disable class chat for players lower than lvl10, at least we keep our class chat clean, they can teleport and use general but its not annoying as create lvl1 and talk to all the "mages" while u trying to block last bot.

remove that 30 sec penalty for players over a certain high lvl, make no sense.

add some sort of temp chat ban if u get reported for spam from a X diff users.

add captcha verification until a certain char lvl, to get ride from mage bots, so u lower the gold income those company gets.  

Another sure killswitch for new players, captcha, honestly if dko added captcha, im sure half the loyal players now would quit too. , removing the 30 sec block after a certain lvl would be nice, since you can't spam more than two sentences in chats due to the 30 sec, and i think its redundant since there is a tip that says your banned for a minute if you spam the chat... anyone else find that odd. also, i honestly believe the spambots aren't players that created an account and played till they got off baby isle... when i saw spambots as vendors, i'd see them all the way in raden and labonia as lvl 1. of course i've never tried it, but is it possibe to get off baby isle and all the way thru twilight forest and canyon to labonia as a lvl 1? you'd at least have to level to lvl5 or something to just get the money to travel off the isle... If in fact they are actualy players, that start the game normally, then use a bot program and occasionally telehop somehwere to adv, then yes, those measures would work. But if they are in fact, hacked into the game to be placed in that one position to adv and spam, then really these restrictions will do nothing to the spammers, and only infuriate the gamers.

Again, when in shaiya, i first encountered a gold spammer, and found that i couldn't block' him due to the fact it was a hack. Thank fully it isnt that bad here and they only affect one chat, but honestly after lvl 20, how many of us rely on class chat as religiously as before? You restrict class chat, the spam bots will just be reprogrammed to affect camp, or region, I'd rather just see em every once in awhile on class.

giobbolino wrote:
a way to eliminate those spammers maybe its to create a script checks the chat, if a player types for 3 o 4 times the same identic words consecutively it will be disconnected... maybe  

if you noticed, our goldspammers, they'll type the exact same ad, and end with a different random 2 to 3 digit number. to avoid that little check.

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