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27 Apr 2012
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[Zetabrand] Group is Recrting!!!

Level 1 Guild | Skype | Website | Events | Fun | Active | Stylish | Creative | Intense | FB |
"As an team, we would like to be described as: Over the top, Stylish, Brash, Creative, and Intense. We try to keep these concepts in mind when out on the field of battle."  

About us:

[Zetabrand] Is a casual and very unique guild~ We are a stylish guild that still try to do the best that we can in everything in-game. Zetabrand's main priority is to have fun besides kicking butts and taking names! (ZERO! Drama Tolerance). We are a close-knit guild willing to help each other.

It is ran by guild founder Nhazu1. You can expect easy communication and teamwork from him. We are constantly trying to find new ways to better the guild and its unique mixture of members.

Due to college and business, Nhazu1 isn't as active during Monday-Thursday CST but are still involved with the guild. [Zetabrand] is aiming for 100% activeness from its members and officers. Members can still contact them through Facebook and/or Skype Cool

Recruitment Status: Open

Basic info:

  • Founder -&- Leader: Nhazu1
  • Level 1
  • Active & Competitive Spirit
  • Skype
  • VERY active and fun Facebook [closed] group (coming soon)
  • Guild raids, queuing together in arena & raging, OMGpop during maintenance, and more
  • Social guild
  • Inactive members for over two weeks are kicked weekly to keep the guild active


  • Friendly
  • Family oriented
  • Active. We want you to be active in guild chat, so don't be shy to talk to us. Cool
  • Be respectful to others, as you will be respected in return.
  • English speaking guild. Out of respect to those members who do not speak a second language. So please be polite.
  • No age and level requirements. Our guild has a wide range of age and levels.
  • You can invite a friend, couples, or anyone to join our guild!

Our guild has:

  • No fame/donation requirements, but it is highly appreciated if you do to help level up our guild. However, fame is required to be promoted.
  • A guild forum (you will get the link once you are accepted). Our website contains forums on player guides, events and other announcements that guildies can access.
  • We plan to have monthly events with decent prizes. If you have an idea, please feel free to tell us! We take our members opinions into consideration.
  • Skype (optional). A group/chat communication with no low-latency voice solution, lag free and no server needed. It is free and easy to download.
  • We also have a Twitter (which is being worked on), and more will be added later on but... atm but bear with us as we're trying to make sure it all is running smoothly any problems contact Katsumi (in-game) or Wi1dAce (aeria game name)

Guild Rules:

  • Keep the drama outside of the guild chat. If you have a problem with a member, notify a leader and we will sort it out.
  • Can't be inactive for more than 2 weeks unless you notify a leader. We want you to be active to get the most out of the guild as possible.
  • Be mature and respectful in guild chat, we want it to stay friendly.
  • No spamming in guild chat.
  • No begging/whining. Help isn't always available for you in guild, but asking help for others in Peer Chat or Community Search helps. Try other options to seek help if our members aren't available to assist you.
  • Loot Rule: Trial/DGN Runs. Every members has to make 2 calls of an item (either be a trophy, weapon, Blueprint etc) to put Need on the items they called. The rest that aren't called will put Greed, for this is only fair for everyone. If you are a ninja/troll, we will have to remove you from our guild if you don't follow this rule.

More about us:

  • One of the original guilds around
  • Have a great mix of members
  • Members are a wide range of ages. Most members are in their 20s.
  • Multi-cultural~ Members are from all over the world.
  • Close-knit family. We are friends and encourage new members to not be shy and speak up.
  • We like to have fun and fool around sometimes! Although we can have a mean humor towards each other, we don't bite (sometimes).

Contact us:

If you are interested, you can either post here or send Nhazu1 a mail in-game or in Aeria's forums: Wi1dAce Or other members in our guild:

*The names that are in bold are the most active members you can try to get in contact with for recruitment.* Nhazu1

We look forward to seeing you apart of the Zetabrand group! Cool

Example Video of the Official (Real) Zetabrand Clan:
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