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02 Jul 2007
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PostedJan 19, 2013 12:36 am

30 second chat delay

Does it work?
I understand that one of the reasons for the 30 second chat delay, is to discourage gold sellers, but won't they just take that delay into consideration, when setting up their script or program, whatever it is that they use?

I know that so many games are overrun with gold sellers & it really does spoil the atmosphere, but I've never seen a game with a chat delay. I'm just wondering if it's effective. Has anyone played a game using this method & was it successful in blocking sellers?

If yes, then I'll just have to learn to pace myself, but that's harder to do than it sounds. Also, as you wait for the 30 seconds to go by, other players are posting. So you end up with part of your thought 5 lines up!! Mad interspersed with a lot of other disjointed conversations.

Trying to help someone is no fun at all. Kudos to JerBer for mastering the timing.

Also, totally unrelated but not worthy of a separate thread, I tried to type this \o/ in game. I gave up after the 3rd time getting what I think was a Korean character similar to a W for the arm \. Confused
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