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14 Oct 2010
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PostedJan 21, 2013 10:20 am
Ninniachel wrote:
Too many to look through  

Lol, I've lived a busy past few days.


Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream


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14 Oct 2010
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PostedJan 21, 2013 11:24 am

Tales of Epic Adventure

These last few days have been humbling. (SCAVENGER HUNT SPOILERS)
So, last I left you all, we had explored the beginning of the temple, trekked with Dani through the desert, etc etc. I had rejoined my party.

Anyways, yesterday, last night, and this morning have all been a whole day for me. Lots of exploring, lots of neat places and creatures discovered just so I could share them all with you.

I was returning to the temple, for more exploration and excavation...

When I received a very enticing invitation from a close friend of mine

Silver, Leader of the Silver Knights, offered to show me the Silver Knight's base in the Raden territory. Complete with that interesting blimp. Or should I say airship?

Silver was called away on urgent business for his Order, and he allowed me sanctuary within their hall. Where I was able to pay my respects to Dione Razz

Returning to my journey

And.... found the alphabet. Can that be part of the scavenger hunt? Razz

Went to a meeting with a few other guilds

Talked to codux, alpha and bee

More temple delving with Ariel and friends

Decided a venture to see how the front lines were doing wouldn't be a bad idea

This, is the farm Arlem and his friends used to steal food from as children. His hometown, Tourhut

Went to go explore the Panthera war camp

So... not only is the lion from the stories (forum drawings) real.... but he hits like a BOSS. lol

Ariel and Arren came to help, and then we return to the front lines, where we get a little too close to another enemy general

Ari jumps a fence


Met up with the High Lady Pure, leader of Requiem.

A confrontation with the Inaferus

Hired on a new scholar

Went to the Lucid Dream HQ in Raden

Ran a message to halland

Found a giant dragon skull in the basin (scavenger hunt)

Silver and I met up to go take care of some monster infestations, and were asked to kill a few bezerkers for friends. Which we tacked onto our busy hunting schedule.

We rode deep into the werewolf territory

Together we read Rakkuul the charges brought against him and his tribe. Then we delt out punishment, with Amy and Laela as our witnesses.

Had him on his knees

Silver and I go hunting more of the hostile avarice plagued tribes, such as the ichcythe.

There is no talking in this case

The hall of hunters is established yet again, as we ran the Ichcythe out

I returned to my travels, planning to meet some of my newer guild members

I was nicely escorted by a shield wall of Rapturion Champions.... to the ancient temple to the Goddesses

Apparently, it was a trap as their general openly assaulted me

GS Asuka, Amy, and Fyr joined me


Silver sent word that some of our previous agreements with the warlords and chieftains were not being headed, so Asuka and I go check it out

Asuka picked him up with her magic and literally threw Kurrow across the basin. Right over my head

I felt as if I was visiting too soon

Needless to say... the deaths of his closest advisers sent Rakkuul into uncontrollable rage and depression.

The guild and I had ventured into the Hobgoblin encampment to talk some sense into them

I returned to the temple, in search of further knowledge to the threat of avarice. I encountered Xeraph, the Leader of Zenith, battling to reclaim his guilds throne.

We continued, to the fourth floor of the temple

Encountered more interesting demon spawn

It seems something large crashed through the roof here

Oh, pardon me.... I'll just go around the sleeping dra..... wait, Dragon? WHA?!?!?!? it's sleeping! now is the PERFECT time to kill it

Some interesting black magic

was crowned king

Killed some pagan necromancers

Experienced a perfect elemental

That concludes yesterday's topic

More shots and memories to come!

Expect a special section to be put up detailing Silver and myself's journey as well

Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream


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21 Jan 2010
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PostedJan 22, 2013 8:09 am
Wow you have been busy. I sadly have not been Sad still level 12 lol


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14 Oct 2010
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PostedJan 23, 2013 9:51 pm

A few more days gone by

I have been busy working. I apologize
So much has happened, my mind is overflowing with the thoughts and memories of triumphs and sorrows.

Partied with dear Hanako and friends for a while, fed the stone pigeons

Chatted up Sapphire for a moment or two during the down time between spawns

We traveled to level 6, with Silver diving headlong into the depths of the hallowed halls

We spoke of boss battles and hunts to be done

I returned to Baston to sell you all things at ever low prices! ( Look for my shop in game! always cheap Razz)

During a faction war, I somehow found myself hounded by Eos.... I guess i used my net a bit much in the past eh?

A spell had been cast on Issei, causing temporary blindness

Amy and I toured the shops at Evene town

Took on Inaferus yet again

I journeyed into the Cemetery next, determined to find new monsters for the Hunters Hall to take on

Vena, check boss one off

Told Altaire some amusing jokes

Nake, boss two, check... (hiding behind a tree right side, same as Vena)

Boss 3, Xarthox, the one and only from our final battles at Ruemon during the RvR

(SPOILER/ DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt alone. He still missed 5 times before he got me twice this time though! lol)

Talked to Zara of Guild Medieval

Went exploring Braden's lake

Found crabs made of silver ripe for the harvest

Dibs on the purple fruit btw

Viewed a tribute to times of troubles past

The worms got bigger

Found another boss (brown lump in the distance big nasty 2 headed ogre kinda guy)

Returned to the cemetary

Awoke after multiple server interruptions in Braden again, so I toured the desert some more

Spoke to my friend Sky of the NegaNebulus

That is all for now, tried to keep it shorter this time. Smile

Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream


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14 Oct 2010
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PostedJan 31, 2013 9:09 pm

I have finally found a quill amongst the wreckage

I resume my chronicles of Lucid Dream's journey.
I suppose I should jump back in history.... Sky and I were interrupted by a courier. Ruemon, the ancient mecca of the faith's of Latos, was being invaded by a large force of undead. So, heading the call of Dione's hero's we hurried to the aid of our allies.

As always we reclaimed the spire. Now, we only had to rout our enemy.

We were blindsided, the Lich King Xarthax appeared. Our only option was to withdraw.

During the battle, as you can see.... my HP left me. Lol get it? Razz terrible pun im sorry HP.

Dione withdrew to Halland, we were rent forth a path through the twisted form of our enemies polluting the ancient tower.

The enemy generals appearances proved to do none other than raise our troops moral. We made quick work of Certheus, and his ranks fell before us.

Spotting Xarthox, I broke off from the rest of my allies, and moved to finish him.

Seeing my reckless as always charge into certain death, Dione rushed to my aid, their blades and spells a maelstrom of fury.

The appearance of North

Dione continues to battle the Lich King

I recover and team up with Silver to duo the evil king. We are repelled once again...

With confidence we ride forwards into the dusk in another attempt to reclaim Ruemon

Battle after battle it appeared he was toying with us

Eos had also risen to the call of Ruemon

Skarr appeared to cover Xarthax's withdrawal.

He became enraged at our relentless pursuit and withdrew. Our forces returned to Halland to rejoice and recall the day's events.

I met up with some old friends for some great memories and photo opportunities

Alcaeus and Silver played hide and seek

We admire the neighborhood. Perhaps some of us may move into this city.

Sure enough... Silver bought a house

A long list of repairs and upgrades soon became our newest project. Silver se to work on his roof

I guess it got hot up there....

Silver starts getting extreme


Dominati and I say hello on in a visit to the temple. The gang cuts through a camp of dark elves

Ari is playing with a pheonix

We share a Final fantasy moment on the cobblestone

I returned to Raden to visit the Guild House

My guild members, take me on a new boss hunt

The world holder is touring the temple

I find the throne room where Nix held court during the Dark Knight's reign in this realm. I have decided to claim it for Lucid Dream

Halland Castle was declared free territory, which I was intent on claiming for Lucid Dream.... apparently Pure's Requiem also had plans for this battle.

I call Lucid Dream to raise our banner, and we dove headlong like a divine spear through Requiem and into the castle gates.

Tactics changed, our rival guilds who are our allies helped to hold our ground against Medieval and Requiem. No one claimed Halland this day.

I admire Cassle's armor. THen move on to gaze longingly at the Castle of Ruemon

Kakku and I do battle. My friends come to my aid

I have now acquired the shield of Kakku, and claim my title as the Shield of Dione

Sindah, contemplating just when to assault my shield with his box of crayolass colored waxes.

I go looking for neat places

Our party has found Skarr's location. We close in to finish off the hated Skeleton

Love this thing...

Dione toys with Eos during their latest attempt to drive us from Ruemon

A murder... has occured in the streets of Raden

I take you all to my secret beach.... kidding. That's a secret.

Raden is so jam packed... but for once, our world is silent. No one is hawking their wares.

Exsecratus trades our place with his for a quick travel

I set up shop on Silver's roof for all you interesting people. Smile


I hope you all enjoy these new editions. Ill be sure to add much more of pvp and siege from now on!

Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream


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18 Sep 2012
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PostedFeb 08, 2013 9:13 pm
your secret beach shot, i like using that route to get from twilight to labodia (name sp?) Smile it's not only a shortcut but also has the shortest lag and the least amount of confusion in getting there lol


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14 Oct 2010
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PostedFeb 08, 2013 10:55 pm
Haha, yes. And no, that's not the beach. Wink

But yeah, I can show you a few spots with less lag

Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream


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14 Oct 2010
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PostedFeb 10, 2013 3:17 am

A little more entertainment

Protests, exploration, and I GIVE UP MAY SHIELD
Well, I've been gone a while due to some tech issues, but I am back. Here are a few images from what I have been up to in the last few weeks Smile

I visited the forge for a while, and created some new gear.

Partied up with Arren and Lae and farmed dear old Skarr for a while

Got THE most epic screen shot yet.

Visited the Darkened Hearts at their castle

Went out whaling.

There's the guild boat on the left

Celebrated my return with some of the guild at the pub. Went for a climb.

Took the stairs to the Korean Market

Twin Houses for the structurally conformed

It's 5 minutes past time for the RvR to have started...

I've decided to stage a protest

Our group is growing

We will appear at RvR with or without the event in progress.

Even some Eos came and waited with us

PK mode comes on, and we decide to have our own melees

I apologize for cutting you down...

I stage a new event called SLAY ARLEM! Rules?: Come to Ruemon, duel with me, Arlem, and if you defeat me, win my +3 Kakku Shield!

I go unclothed for a while

Alcaeus defeats me for my shield

She and Silver duel

A few of us decide to go practice some PvP in the arena

The results of my loss to Alcaeus, I am a man of my word, and I keep it as best I can.
Behold, the new bearer of the Kakku Shield!

Uzu and I danced in circles for about a minute... Just realized I didnt have a shield after... Hmmm...

We discuss builds

Took a ride around Ledise castle

Sorry about the lowered quality of the images. I've had to dumb down my computer a bit now. Thaks for viewing!

Courtesy of Emralyn, Lalaheat & filipvarga <br> GL- LucidDream
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