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11 May 2012
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PostedJan 17, 2013 10:31 am

Thank You Aeria Games and Golden Age

This game is worth the time and money.
The other day i decided to check out another browser game i use to play to see if the game has changed. I had not logged into this game for over 2 years and figured something would have changed, unfortunately i was way wrong. Other than a few new items in there mall/store, it was pretty much the same. I have played this game since may of last year and in under a year this game isn't the same as it was back in may, not even the same as it was back in October of last year. Aeria Games and the developers are constantly working to improve this game because they actually want a game for there players not just their pocket books. Best example is the awesome events and the upgrade of the more awesome Memphis. Theres always someone to point out the bad stuff about this game, i figured i could atleast let someone know theres people that appreciate what Aeria Games is doing for its customers.


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