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15 Jun 2012
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PostedJan 20, 2013 11:15 am
But, there is a big downfall of using MA. Your stun only lasts 3 seconds, and you have to use charging to get the atk speed boost, with a long cooldown. This is dps class, not pvp class, and MA don't match up to what other classes, such as rangers or samurais. With rangers, a proper atk spd/crit rate ranger with 37k patk can kill in no time, pretty much on par to a MA with charging on. With samurai, you can 2hko anyone, period. (or ohko, for mobs) MA can't 2hko or get that 10 charging buff in an instant, and while it is good, it lasts only 18 seconds, and when that's over, you have 42 seconds of lame dps'ing. Mage and cleric are good, but they still can't match up to either ranger or samurai. The only downfall of rangers is their low patk, while only downfall to samurai is their short range. Rangers negate their low patk with charge on base with ridiculous luck/acc stat, while samurais negate it with racial skills from anura or ursun, root and kill. Illusionists have a triple hit true, but they also have cast time. Their Matk aren't gonna be super high, and compared to samurai, it's pretty much only 3/4 or 4/5 of their attack. Their kd is unreliable as mentioned before, and their sleep is null unless you have ice maxed, but even with that its still low damage on a boss. So, unless you have all the 1h weps for MA awakened and crafted, your patk is gonna fall in the 30-40k range, which is REALLY REALLY crap, compared to over 50-60k patk samurais. MA's also don't have the raw crit rate that rangers and samurais do; an average ma can get 2k crit, while a good ranger can get 2.8k, and so can a human samurai.


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26 May 2008
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PostedJan 20, 2013 12:09 pm
considering the whole point of this topic was for individuals to post what they think is the best DPS im gonna stick to what i said before MA, engi and especially illu in my opinion are the best DPS classes but overall there is much more to be considered than just the class
theres racials, gears, personal preference and much more that can influence how well someone plays a class

the points i mentioned before about illu were my fave reasons for playing that class because in my opinion the best DPS isnt the strongest or the highest dmg dealing its the most fun to play
say what u will but that is my honest opinion cos im here to have fun and enjoy myself not be the strongest
if someone wants to push themselves to be the "best" DPS then let them i wont say anything against that infact i say go for it but i was just saying what the opening post wanted to hear


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12 Aug 2008
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PostedJan 20, 2013 12:26 pm
The thread is way too vague as "best" class is dependent on situation. Many say X class but need to also say Y situation (pve,pvp,single,aoe, etc).

On a PvE/pure damage note, MAs are one of the best single target DPS. Their lack of crit rate is what cripples them, but this can be remedied with high amounts of funds to get Luck as well as the awakened armor. When compared to Rangers, MA still beat Rangers overall single target DPS. After the patch, the high attack rangers are around 37k while the high attack MAs are 58-60k now. MAs can also stack good attack speed too (with or without charge), and with awakened dagger on offhand delivers more DPS than a ranger can push out. Also, people forget the bonus of suppress (100% more crit dmg) which pushes MA to needed status if the party has a fair amount of physical DPS.

This is purely PvE and from what I can tell, Rangers have more pros in PvP.

Btw, Rangers using charge (Ive seen many w/o a lot of Acc) can miss sometimes, plus the action of using charge is in itself takes time. I still use it as a first attack or when a boss is about to set up a reflect LOL.

Also, I'd like to point out that the next Awakened effects will determine the hierarchy of DPS. Attack speed became highly viable to abuse awakened dagger/bow. If Katana got Bow's effect, you'll probably will see more attack speed Samurai than AoE spammers in DPSing.

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07 Nov 2008
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PostedJan 21, 2013 7:28 am
Considering a pure end-game DPS (damage per second) point of view:

Single Target (PDPS): MA is the best class for this job among all of them, not just the pdps branch. Period.
Single Target (MDPS): Illusionist. Just spam Deadly Icicle and you're done.
AoE (PDPS): Samurai. Blade Dancer is also pretty useful if you have a Bard.
AoE (MDPS): Mage. Also the best overall class for AoE damage since the attacks have a really wide range (unlike Samurai) and one of them is spammable.

Please note that these are simply the most damaging classes, not necessarily the best ones or most adequate for certain situations. Take PvP for example, you'll almost never see a Samurai in there simply because he's not as useful in that situation like some other classes.
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