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Grand Fantasia Report 1/2013

Grand Fantasia Report 1/2013

This post is presented with the intention to alert the community to some of the things the Grand Fantasia team is currently working on or has marked priority.

Not all of our daily dealings and projects will be listed here. Just because it isn't listed does not mean we're not considering it or working on it. This thread is merely here to show you a few things we're doing.

This post will not contain any news about promotions -- please refer to the Promotions section of the forums and Grand Fantasia news posts for information about new promotions.

Here is the most recent updates and general news for Grand Fantasia:

The archive has been updated a little bit here and there, but we are aware of the long list of items that have not been added yet. We recently submitted a document with around 60+ items that we're requesting to have added to the archive.

Hopefully this can be completed soon, it's in the developer's ball court now.

*Reminder that because all of the archives between each version of Grand Fantasia use the same overall template, Any items that were made specifically for Grand Fantasia EN cannot be added to the archive, as they were not released in another version.

** Orange weapons and PVP armors/weapons will not be added unless the TW version decides to add them in the future.

PVP Events/Incentives
At this time we are making a new PVP ranking prize list. The idea is to have new and extra prizes for the top 10 rankings for each bracket. A forum thread should be available with the full list sometime before the end of the month.

We're aware that some brackets start less often than others and are also looking into reducing the amount of players required for these brackets. A thread for feedback and information will be made later this week/early next week.

Bug Fixes
At this current time our main priorities for bug fixes are the following:

  • Mission Order 2 bug (some classes cannot use)
  • Sprite Arena Victory Runes cannot be turned in for prize.

We do have a detailed list of other bugs, but those listed above are the main ones we're aiming to have resolved at this current time. If you have any bugs to report, please see the new Universal Bug Report Form.

Gold Sinks
Here is a list of the gold sinks we have implemented and/or are looking to have implemented:

  • Underground Gold Shop was re-opened (with much success) and is currently slated to be updated at least twice a month.

Here are other things the Grand Fantasia team has been working on/are working on:

  • Revamping the Grand Fantasia main website pages - such as the getting started, class introductions, screenshot page, etc.
  • Making new tutorial videos for new players.
  • Reaching out to the current community and potential new players via various social media networks - such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Facebook is currently a priority as we receive many questions and suggestions via that medium.
  • Resolving this new onslaught of gold spammers.
  • More in-game and forum events. The Game Sages have been doing a great job running in-game events and we hope to see more in the near future.
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