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08 Oct 2010
PostedJan 16, 2013 3:33 am

Old Days, The Golden Glory of Saphael

There is something that only the people of old days could know.
This is the introduction of the main story. Please kindly point out my mistakes because this is meant to improve my writing skill.

This is different form what we know about the past of Saphael. Just like the earth, although several centuries had pass by but we still have a lot to find out.

Same to Saphael, This story take place when all the sprite kings and human united and fight the demon. That was the evil force that threatened Saphael today.

Tamer : Friends of nature. They don't know language of plant and beast but they do
understand how they feel or what they want.Can summon and use animals and
plants' sprit to fight and poses great magic. Only those who love life and nature
can reach the elite standard. One of the legendary classes

Illusionist : Master of mind. Not just physical thing they could trick, but even the time and
space can be distort with their hand.Don't be fooled, they are good at melee and
range attack too.In return,they have to practice their mind strong enough to
avoid getting overwhelmed by own power.Disrespect by royal knight of Kaslow.
One of the legendary classes.

Sentinel knight : Not only good at defense but also sword and axe based on their own
training. Most of them put honor above all. Those who approved by spirit
king/ queen will be promoted as royal knight of Kaslow. One of the
legendary classes.

Royal knight : A group of army Kaslow who willing to fight demons until death to protect
their homeland. Only those who approved by spirit king/queen can enter.
Hate those who did not fight face to face like sorcerer and assassin.
Necromancer and wizard : These jobs was banded and on the wanted list as they believe
wizard is trying to control natural and necro is the one causing

Except sharpshooter , all the classes is avaiable because there was no firearm yet.

Of course, spirit kings will appear and give those who fight for the world a help.

Weapon: Magic glove - every piece of them have different usage,but it would require a skilled sorcerer to make the best use of it.

trident : special for illusionist, paladin can use it too but for melee.

P/S: Tell me if i'm using anybody's idea here.
This is definitely not 100% original as i need inspiration for writing.


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08 Oct 2010
PostedJan 16, 2013 7:31 am

Chapter 1: Friendship
"3,2,1, the battle is over!!! All contestant must leave the battlefield in 3 minute. Result will be pronounce later."

Jale : room for blue team
"What a great fight just now, isn't Karling ?" "What are you talking, we may lose. Don't you see how their so called "knight" fight against us?" The woman with long brown hair replied angrily.
Sho who quietly standing beside Karling also shows a not-pleasant face and waiting for Theo answer.
"Calm down, It's just a competition. The most important thing is have fun, right?" Karling turned her face and act like she is mad. "C'mon, Sho. You also agree with me, right?"
"We did well, but still, that does not change the fact that we are going to lose..." saying firm and slowly.Just like Sho. Theo say something to rest of his teammates then ran out of the stadium. "That Theo must go to that woman's house again!" This time, Sho clearly not happy with what Theo going to do next.

A house in Southern Island.
"Hi, is someone there? Aunt Saint Jessi!!! Monica!!!" The next second he stop shouting, a woman with a stick stare at him angrily. He know what going to happen next so he already skip the first attack of the woman. "How many times i have to tell you that don't ever called me "aunt" or "saint"!" "I know, that's why i combined them." Theo replied with a big smile on his face. Jessi only give a sigh then find two chairs.
"Only me this time, Aunt Jessi。“ She stare at Theo . " Poor Theo, an assassin who even cannot know a tamer and a templar is following you." Karling said with sarcastic
She and Monica step out from backdoor. "Hi Theo." said Monica.
Theo said nothing but run to her and give her a hug for 5 seconds.
"Where is Ron ? Didn't he come back with you?" " Are you too happy until forgot what is the first thing he do when he came here?" " What! He go to there alone? Doesn't he know that we are worried about him. Furthermore, now the corrupted messenger is everywhere!" Jessi.
"Don't be worried, grandmom, i sure he will kick their *** like nothing." Karling say with a big smile." "Yeah, and army of Jale or other spirit messenger like us will give him a hand, right?" Theo and Karling keep comfort Jessi. Monica didn't say anything, but we all worried about Ron too.

"May Duke of Sands bless him." Theo praying for him although he know Ron don't need it to come back .

Another side , in Ancient forest.
"Well, look what had i grab , a raw material that are perfect for Theo's trident!"
"Wow Rad, your master must be so proud of you. Unlike me , only get some amber and iron ore."
"Hey, three of you, wait for me! Rad, Sil and Jol, come and help me carry these."
Three of them are looking curiously of what is Kin,Guardian Spirit of Sho taking.



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08 Oct 2010
PostedJan 27, 2013 7:37 am

Chapter 2 : Guild
At Jessi's house
" Finally come back , I thought you want to sleep in the sea with Bahado."
"Come on, grandmom , I help him fight some monster. That's why i come back so late." Ron replied to Jessi.
"Big brother, don't you forgot what today is? You just miss the big fight!" Karling standing behind Ron and shout to him.
"Oh, I forgot about that. What is the result? Do we pass the test for establish a guild?"
"I don't know yet. We ask Sho and Silpha to tell us as we came to find you and Monica. We will know tomorrow. Now, tell me about your conversation with Bahado and Alice."
"You should talk this with the other, if not that William is gonna agnry again." Jessi finally speak something. " Now, all of you, sleep right now or there will be no breakfast tomorrow."
"Order received. Come on Jol, lets go to sleep." Karling talk to her guardian spirit.
"Let's go to bed too, Yuri. Goodnight grandmom."

Next day morning at Jale. In front of the Guild affair.
"Congratulation, you guys past the test. Please sign after checking your name and select a guild leader." The officer said so.
"Hurry up, Sho. You are late." Silpha waiting Sho to sign his name. Everyone is waiting for this moment." Sorry, Kin found some interesting materials and items last night." Sho is checking his name.
"Now, the guild leader has to write his name at the specific column and also write your guild's name."
" I, Illusionist Ron will be the guild leader. After discussion for months, we named our guild as "Sky Hunter ."
"Please write it down. And check your guild members name again."
"Here is our Guild members' name list" Ron give to Guild officer.
1. Illusionist Ron(Guild leader)
2. Tamer Monica
3. Templar Karling
4. Assassin Sho
5. Assassin Theo
6. Ranger Silpha
7. Templar William
8. Cleric Ken
9. Paladin Gino
10. Sage Gina
11. Sentinel knight Jessica
12. Ranger Den
13. Hawkeye Jin
14. Shaman Sabriel
15. Deathknight Nick

"Once again, congratulation. Members of Sky Hunter. Wish you can help those who suffering or having trouble. Also, the Kaslow army may send a request for some guild to help them. Please don't reject. One last thing, behave yourself. Jale is a city that focus on invention and business but that doesn't mean you can do what you want. Now you are free to go and start doing you first quest."
"Thanks for your advice. We will remember it.Now, if you excuse us." Ron is leaving, so do the rest of them.

At night, they celebrate in the tavern. Gina and Den is making the quest board while Nick is sword-fighting with a person called Micky from guild "Saber claw".
Weeks later, they try to build their reputation and gain some money but it doesn't work so well. Until Sabriel and Jessica finish a quest about finding a ring that lost at the Deserted temple which is full of monster. They get a lot of gold from the richman Rick,who want to use the ring to propose his fiancee.

"Hooray, let's use the money to travel. We should have some holiday." Gino say this passionately. "Agree, I suggest Belcar Plateau."
"Don't be silly, Gino and Theo. We should use this money to buy equipment.” Jessica unsatisfied with their suggestion. So they argue for an hour and nothing come out. So they decided to let Sabriel to choose which suggestion is better. In the end, Sabriel chose to keep the money in guild treasurer.
The next day morning
“Guild leader of Sky Hunter, Hope you can choose some of your guild member to form a coalition with the other guilds we selected and also Kaslow Royal knight to fight against the demon appeared near the Village Kuda. Rick has suggests your guild to me so don’t let us down. Sincerely, Duke Hugo”
“This is what he wants us to do?” Nick seems looking forward to it.
“No, Nick. Duke Hugo sends this letter to us for fun. Of course it is true!” Ken sigh after Karling say this.
“Alright, let’s see which guild is selected like us. Saber Claw, Angel’s Wing, GHAS, and Silver Night.”
“Wow, so many of them. Even Silver Night also in this!” Ron stare at William immediately.
“Ignore him, Ron. Continue what are you going to say.” Jin smile at Ron.
“Next, we should choose some people to go. Due to our guild’s popularity is not high. I can only choose three people to go. Hmm, I think I have the names now.”
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