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06 Jan 2013
PostedJan 14, 2013 12:15 pm

Tier 5 January Loyalty Spender

Where's the SKB 3 redeem choice?
I've been planning to redeem the SKB 3 for the January loyalty award since 6th January and trying to slowly save my money to buy AP until i can reach 9999 AP on the tier 5 since the description says that SKB 3 is available to be redeemed. However, the truth after i found out this morning on the redeeming section on the web, i didn't find any SKB 3 available for me to choose, and this is really disappointing me because the lack of consistency of what the game described for the tier reward with the fact behind it. To be honest, i feel discouraged after what happened about this and my intention to buy AP again seems to be disappearing little by little. I do hope on the later on, this incident would never happen again to me and probably for all other AP buyers targeting for the Tier rewards.
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