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17 Oct 2009
PostedJan 12, 2013 4:58 pm

Why Shaiya got this bad creation screen now?

I don't like this new toon creation screen at all
Hi guys,

It is only my feeling?
I don't like new creation screen, and start screen at all. Weapons glow is drawn incorrectly, you can't turn around toon to see it, you can't change look at creation. It was so fun to make different, and sexy toons. Now, you got some random **** and you have to play with toon you don't like the look. so pitty.
BTW. When you choose type of toon, on darks, guard have ATK at max (wuahaha). It means, someone who makes game update don't have bloody idea what this game is about.
If those changes will continue in game, i will leave soon.

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