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16 Apr 2012
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PostedJan 08, 2013 6:03 pm

Introducing the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 “C-SPEC”!

A Top Tuned Retro Racer!

For far too long the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 has been overlooked in Need for Speed World but that all stops today with the addition of the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 “C-SPEC”!

When we set out to create a “SPEC” car there are a number of things we do to it. Not only does it come pre-installed with rare 3-star skill mods, it is also pre-tuned with various performance parts to reach the highest possible performance rating of its class!

This particular “Spec” car features an exclusive livery that features an awesome retro white on green. The ’74 number panel references the heritage of the GTi, with ’74 being the year the first Mk1 Golf went on sale. In addition the NFS World cars team also opted to install a rust patina hood, an often misunderstood part of the VW culture. To top it all off are the two toned, color matched BBS alloy wheels and an exclusive MK1 GTi license plate.

It’s a clean hatchback, with a classic look and upgraded to maximum Class C performance! It can be yours today, just visit the Car Dealer and pick it up!
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