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CaptCunion wrote:
My question is why tickets are not done in order they are received. I've seen many times people getting tickets done who sent them in only a day or two before while many others have had theirs in for a week +.... Day ten and counting here.....  

One reason tickets do not always get finished in the order they are received is the way the tickets are divided amongst the GMs doing tickets.
Let's say, for example, that you send in four tickets on the same day. When the tickets get divided between [GM]#1 and [GM]#2, it is possible that your first two tickets go to [GSM]#1 and your last two tickets to [GM]#2. Each GM then goes through the tickets in order. Your first two tickets are at the end of [GM]#1's list, while your last two are the first tickets in [GM]#2's list. Therefore, the last two tickets you send may actually get done before the first two tickets you sent.
Tickets also get "triaged," as I understand it, with some being given a higher priority than others. So while you and another player may send in tickets at the same time, the other player's ticket may take priority over yours depending on what the ticket is all about. For example, reporting a potential game-breaking glitch would probably receive attention sooner than a GM enchant redemption.

Add to these factors the fact that some GM's may work at a faster pace than others, GMs tasked with working on tickets may get called away for other duties, or have assignments that take priority over tickets, etc etc.

I completely understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a ticket to be processed, especially when you are waiting on items that are needed to fully enjoy the game. However, it is also important to realize that the GM team really does do the best they can to power through the tickets, and honestly do want to do a good job of serving the community. When they get people submitting 10 to 20 tickets at a time, though, it is easy to see why they are getting bogged down

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