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Tome Droppings for Mystic and Prophet

Explanation on What a tome is, and how to get them
What are tomes?
Good question!
Tomes are extra passive/active skills that you can find from item drops. Each class gets two tomes. A passive and an active. In order to use these tomes you have to be of level 66 to use one tome and of lvl 67 to use the other, or you can be a higher lvl These tomes are non-tradable.


The 2 tomes for the mystic class are

  • Sanction
  • Gorilla Guardian

But Where do I find these tomes?
Another great question!
These two tomes have been confirmed droppings in these places;

  • Spirit Valley - From these mobs, Burning Soldier Ant, Flower Demon, Vined Wisewood and Giant Mantis
  • Ancient Polar Ruins - From these mobs, Berserker Bear, Magic Crystal Spider and Underworld Wizard
  • Mutated Ancient City of Vines - From these mobs ,Ruthless Serpent Spirit(Group), Polluted Soldier Ant(Group)

Gorilla Guardian

  • Spirit Valley - From these mobs, Greedy Meatball, Fever Wasquito, Floral Wisewood and Sahan Mantis
  • Mutated Phoenix Tower - From these mobs, Red Scorpion Pirate Skeleton and Demon Carapace
  • Auris Bay - From these mobs, Troll Berserker, Steel Armor Mantis, Dashing Bull and Northland Heretic
  • Mutated Mechanical Fortress - From these mobs, Uncontrolled Mechanic Semi-Product and Anti-Virus Program

What do these tome do?
These tomes add extra skills, one buff/active skill and a passive skill. In this case, Sanction is the passive skill and Gorilla Guard is the buff/active skill.

  • Sanction - After attacked by crit/mcrit, atk+ matk is +5% and last for 8 seconds.
  • Gorilla Guardian - Buffs Ally or oneself and gives HP: +15%, def/mdef 15%, and lasts for 30 seconds


The two tomes for the Prophet class are;

  • Holy Pursuit
  • Rescue

Where are these tomes found?
These tomes can be found in these places;

  • Misty Plateau - from these mobs, Plateau Tiger, Ecliptic Warrior and Cross Black Ape
  • Mutated Phoenix Tower - from this, Mystery Chest
  • Auris Bay - from these mobs, Troll Butcher, Black Holy Wrath Goat, Northern Lion and Northsea Demon Samurai
  • Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress - Blocking Program and Anti-Virus Program

What do these extra tome skills do?
These tomes add extra skills, one buff/active skill and a passive skill. In this case, Holy Pursuit is the passive skill and Rescue is the buff/active skill.

  • Holy Pursuit - After crit, matk +7% for 8 seconds
  • Rescue - Buffs Ally or oneself, atk and matk +10%, HP +700, MP +80, and lasts for 14 seconds

These tome skills change when upgrading the skill via the Skill Trainer located in Kaslow, Jale and Ilya

all information is sourced from this Confirmed Tome Drop List
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