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26 Nov 2012
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PostedJan 05, 2013 11:43 am

Unwanted teleporting to none quest locations

Need help plz.
Ok this is starting to get too me . Ive tried to be patient but its time i asked for help.
im now lvl 43 And every time a take a quest ,Soon as i talk to the quest person , i get teleported to at least one of too places .
silvaren or haldeck farm.
when going back to the quest again , i wos able to do the quest .
ive tried re loggging in .and it well not let me do the quest at all.
i dont want to download the game again if i can help it.
And on a 2nd note im sure when game went down for update on Jan 2013 . my in game money wos over 1 mil. less .
Its costing me lots more than i need to lvl up .
So plz can somebody help me .
im at wits end .
the game rockz , but its a royal pain in the bum .
Note so botherd about the money but dont wont to lose my toon. or time waisted.
help me plz.
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