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22 Oct 2012
Honolulu United States
PostedJan 03, 2013 1:31 am
basil_bk wrote:
Well they need to
Make horror Fubs please. Very Happy  

When we get more members of Fubs, there will be more types of game modes, but for now, majority plays TB so TB it is.



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27 Jun 2012
Haifa Israel
PostedJan 03, 2013 3:02 am
Kimuri. wrote:
From now on, all passwords are posted

If you see that none of the passwords work, that means a hacker joined in and they are doing invites only.

I'm really sorry guys, I'm trying my best to solve it..  

If you guys are having troubles just have a word with one of Fubs officers or me, i'm realy active, got alot of free time.
Anyone who wants to join Fubs and enjoy a kick and hacker free environment just do three simple things -
1. join our site -, and get updated about the new passwords being posted.
2. Join our Raidcall, which is most of the time the most hilarious online place to be - Download raidcall FREE here -, and join us on 5408109.
3. Obey the Fubs rules, which basically says, don't cry and don't fight, don't share the password to others and obviously DO NOT HACK.

After you do all that, I GIVE YOU MY WORD YOU GUYS WILL NOT BE KICKED, AND WILL NOT SUFFER ANY problem playing with us and having some great time!

I'm going to post a thread about this, and i hope everybody will just try to enjoy our great community and quit posting untrue things about Fubs.

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