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17 May 2012
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PostedJan 01, 2013 8:23 pm

How we can make AVA better

Episode 1: Training
already posted something similar to this but i always seem to post threads when no one of importance is online or during the middle of a forum drama so my threads always gets buried. so let's try this again.

also, let's get the disclaimer out of the way.
DISCLAIMER: I know that the suggestion(s) I am going to make will not "matter" because it's up to Redduck to decide on what they should implement in their game. The purpose of these threads are to generate discussions on how we could improve the core basics of AVA. This does not necessarily mean that said suggestions MUST be implemented. Also, this thread will be a whole lot of tl;dr and text walls.

What I propose: We fix training. All of it.

Why we should fix training: Lots of beginners(I know I have) that just started the game either 1) skip training altogether or 2)burn through it just to receive the 10,000 euros. This also causes many beginners to think that AVA is just another "easy generic 'F2P'(using this term very lightly) MMOFPS". Following this mindset, these new players will go into the free channel, get kicked countless times because they do not know how to set/defuse the C4, which leave them to play mindless annihilation games all the time. Eventually, they will get bored and move on to other games. Those that burned through training did so because it is very bland.

The "simulation" at near the end of training is a joke. You just shoot AI that are not even moving or shooting at you. In fact, 98% of the training involve shooting at non-responding still targets. This is a nightmare both for the FPS-experienced and beginners, as there is no feeling of reward by shooting mannequins. When beginners finish training and enter actual game, the skill gap is huge since people actually shoot back.

How we should fix training(or at least what I think):
To make things slightly more plausible, the training's setting should be in accordance to AVA's story, that is, EU forces retaking land claimed by NRF. Since EU forces are generally accepted as "protagonists" in the game's canon, you will assume the role of an EU soldier.

The general story in this training mission is that you are an EU grunt who are tasked with escorting a friendly tank to an extraction point, where Lt. Eva Maria Vorel will come meet you.

The first "scene" is you and 5 of your squadmates are escorting the tank. [For this scene, you are taught how to move/look around, and also that the tank will not move unless you are personally escorting it by walking near it]. After some time walking/getting used to the environment, your squad and the tank are ambushed by NRF scouts. [In this sequence, you are taught how to shoot, and that crouching and shooting increase accuracy and stability, how to switch into different weapons, and grenade throwing]. Once the 3 waves of scouts are eliminated, two NRF regulars armed with RPGs will shoot at your tank. [In this scene, you are taught how to repair the tank. Halfway through, one of your squadmates will repair the tank with you, which tells you that repairing with two people are always faster than one]. When the regulars are killed and the tank is repaired, an NRF tank approaches your position. Since the rest of your squad is busy fending off the NRF tank escorts, you alone are charged with taking an RPG, then destroying the tank. Once the tank is destroyed, your squad and the tank are free to approach the NRF stronghold.

[scene 2]The tank will blow up the gates, and you and your squad are in charge of:
1. destroying the enemy bunker and armory
2. gathering any intel from the command post
3. eliminating any hazards that pose a threat to your squad and the tank.

For objective 1, you are taught the basics of demolition missions by learning how to set the C4. There will be around 7 NRF soldiers in the bunker, and around 9-10 in the armory. For objective 2, you are taught the convoy mission by taking enemy intel. The command post has 12 NRF soldiers(it has 2 floors). For objective 3, you are taught how to defuse the C4.
Once Objective 1 and 2 are completed, you are tasked with defusing two C4 charges placed in the fuel dump and rear checkpoint. The last C4's timer does not start until you defuse the first one, so you should not be constrained in time. The fuel dump will have 3 NRF guards, and the rear checkpoint will have 5 NRF guards.

[scene 3]After objectives 1, 2, and 3 are completed, your tank will move up to the extraction point. The last 20 meters will have 5 final waves of NRF soldiers. The last wave consists of two "bosses". Your squad leader is shot and will give you the binoculars. You are to designate the two "bosses" with your binos, which will then prompt the rescue helicopter to gun them down. Once your tank reaches the extraction point, Lt. Eva will come to you and congratulate you for a job well done, and your training mission is now complete.

The NRF scouts will have(depending on rank)
Private: Uzi
Corporal: AKs-74u
Sergeant: Sr-2m Veresk
Lieutenant: Sr-3m Vikhr

The NRF regulars will have(depending on rank)
Private: AK47 Mk.2
Corporal: AK74m
Sergeant: AK47 Mk.3
Lieutenant: AK107bis

The NRF snipers will have(depending on rank)
Corporal: SV98
Sergeant: SVD Dragunov

The NRF guards will have(depending on rank)
Sergeant: Saiga12
Lieutanant: AN94 Abakan

The NRF bosses will have
Colonel: Barrett .50
Brigadier General: MG4KE

The first scene, you will be a sniper, equipped with the TPG-1. The second scene, you will have the HK416(Rifleman). The third scene, you are a pointman with the MP7. In all of these classes, your sidearm is the Glock.

Your squad will have:
Rifleman: FA-MAS Mk.3
Rifleman: M14 EBR
Squad Leader: SG556
Pointman: SPAS-15
Sniper: PGM .338

Why this will be difficult to implement: AI. For this mission to have the effect it needs to create, you would need AI that is in the levels of Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, or Halo. This would mean that your enemy/friendly AI are not so bad that they spend 2 magazines to damage one person, but not so good that they are popping headshots as soon as they see each other. Your squad members will each need different voice actors, and the person doing Eva's voice will have to come out of retirement. This costs a lot of money from what I've heard, and the download size would be tremendous.

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PostedJan 01, 2013 8:57 pm
Some awesome cutscenes and a a campaign style like training mode?


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PostedJan 01, 2013 9:00 pm
Sounds too much of a over-kill for a non-wannabe-campaign-like F2P game.
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