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18 Sep 2010
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PostedDec 30, 2012 5:59 pm

Can't redeem AP Card

Oki, Hi xD
So I've never ever ever ever in my life EVER bought an AP card.
Today i bought this card called an Ultimate Game Card which does work for Grand Fantasia. I did exactly as it said on the card.
1. Go to
2. Click on the Redeem button
3. Choose a game from the list
4. follow games checkout process
5. Choose PayByCash/UltimatePay in checkout
6. select ultimate game card
7. enter the code shown below

I got all the way to step 3, and then i couldn't figure out 4. So i noticed at the top of my screen said my user, the languages i could view the sight on, and the AP sign that said ERROR. I then clicked on "Buy AP"
I clicked on that, and it led me, telling me that my account has been suspended. WHY?! D;
Am I going to the wrong place to redeem my card? What can i do, and what did I do wrong.
NOTE: I was going to message to Aeria Games as it instructed me to, but it asked for my Transaction Order Number, which I don't know because I haven't bought an AP card yet, or its something else but I seriously don't know what it is.
Thanks ^-^


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12 Jul 2012
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PostedDec 30, 2012 8:45 pm
It may be that the ap checkout has already went through, but for some reasit hasn't been oprocessed yet. Please file a ticket to billing and wait up to 72 hours for a response.

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13 Oct 2008
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PostedDec 31, 2012 1:48 pm
The Billing faq page gives instructions on what to enter when you have no transaction #. You enter your last name. You can also just put in some 0's.

If this is your first time buying AP there is a small wait while they verify your info which is explained in the first time buyer thread. If this is not your first time buying there are several possible reasons for AP suspension which is discussed here:

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