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29 Dec 2012
PostedDec 30, 2012 2:49 am

Which gun?

Hey, I've just come back to A.V.A and i'm wondering which guns are better than others. Need help deciding between,

1. verkesk or sr3m

2. m4 mk3, XM8, SG556, Famas MK3 or Sako ( Narrow down to 2-3 please, i like variety)

3. Striker or Saiga

4. TPG or ASW.338

By the way, i started a new account and i'm wondering should i buy the veresk, TPG and other guns right now for permanent? I heard that you should buy m4 MK2 expendable till you get alot of euros, so i'm confused. Should i buy the guns for perm straight away and keep repairing or wait till i get alot of euros?
Thank you !


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15 Feb 2012
Bowlofrice Korea, South
PostedDec 30, 2012 1:08 pm
1. Preference based. I scrim with SR3M because it's a little more versatile and easier to use, especially at longer ranges. SR2M is a DPS beast in CQC though, and it shreds armor. Both are great guns but many people prefer the SR2M.

2. Those rifles are preference based
XM8 if you like to spray
Famas MK3 if you like to rush
SG556 if you like to crouch
Sako if you want a gun that actually takes skill to use

I use Famas MK3 and SG556 to scrim. XM8 makes me feel too nooby and Sako is a little outdated by spray guns.

3. Striker by far.

4. ASW by far.

As for euros or expendables, just buy a perm gun as soon as you can get a really good perm gun. ASW is available at a low rank so I recommend you get that one early.


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24 Jul 2012
United States
PostedFeb 06, 2013 12:55 pm
I'll narrow it down even more for you. Aside of the things Trainer said i'll point some other stuff out:

1) SR-3M needs no mods to perform what it does, SR-2M is pretty bad without them, however nothing is more scary than running into a SR-2M with full ROF mods ( 20-ammo setup ). Would even make a para user say "WTF". Up-close it just SHREDS everything.

2) Rifles... Well i'll say it like this:

m4a1 mk3 and XM8 are very similar in their behavior.
Sako is something that has a recoil, is tricky to use/kill with, but up close can yet again be a problem for the enemy.

famas mk3 is 1 of a kind out of the list... it is BEAST up close ( also probably beats the all-known para ) is decent on medium range... however is REALLY bad at longer ranges... Basically treat this like a pointman weapon. The biggest con this gun has, is if you equip it.. you basically have 2 "pointman" classes to choose from, and no rifle...

3) Saiga-12 just sucks.. in everything... it's unnecessarily hard to use... it almost never 1-shot kills, it has slow rate of fire... just plain-around BAD shotgun imho.
So yea Striker-12 by far out of these 2.

4) hmmm ASW or TPG... 1 thing I can say is that ASW requires some knowledge to use well. You also need to be able to quickswitch ( preferably ) otherwise it's just REALLY slow. TPG is the more "classic" weapon, when you shoot it... you know your shooting something that kills, the sound can be very satisfying... the "BOOOOM" of the TPG just overall sounds better than the " Pssst " of the ASW...

Other than that, TPG has a few "longer-phased" scopes, ASW however has quicker zooming ones... ASW is really long, so people will sometimes see you coming from around the corner and pre-fire you.

Dunno why trainer here dislikes TPG so much to say that ASW outclasses it by far.. sure it's better but not by a great deal. As I said ... ASW is LONG, not so satisfying and you MUST quickswitch ALWAYS with it, those are the first cons that come into mind.
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