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04 Nov 2012
PostedDec 28, 2012 8:15 pm

Official Forum Page for : Grandeur Clan!

Open for recruiting!

Masters : HakuGei / BluefireGod / ChaoNPeace
Recruitment opened!
Minimum - SGT rank
Non-AP: HS 10% + KDR 1.0+
AP : HS 15% + KDR 2.0+
*Pls no Sub-accounts allowed*

We have our own little FB forums to slack around / show-off / share information regarding WT. Some of us are from softnyx, hence we r happy to share our information with you guys.

A few rules in normal games:
No illegal hacks/taps in games, especially CW.
Definitely no crashing of FG / inhouse games.
Some of us are AP-ers, but that do not make us cash-cows, do not beg us for AP.

Rules in CW:
Only CW when permission given by the Masters.
Only CW when 2 of the Masters/ Jr-Masters are CW-ing with u.
Jr-Masters are only given to certain ppl, do not beg Masters for it, we will judge u by ur skills.
Do not hack/tap in CWs.
Do not ever leave CW, even if ur losing.

Failure to abide to the rules : Warning / Kick.

Master-ship of this clan will be rotated among the 3, according to the the active-ness of the 3 masters, meaning the Master that's most active during that period of time will hold the Master-ship of clan.

People that are interested and fit the requirements are welcome to apply at Grandeur! Smile
Or u may post below / P.M 1 of the Masters for more info Smile

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