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19 Mar 2011
PostedDec 28, 2012 1:49 pm

SCAMMER and Pretend To Be a GS

Plz want this Guy To be Bannned Lifetime Ty GM
So When Im calling for some GS to help me this guy answer and He Said That He was a GS so i talk to him for a min talking about the Ticket cause i dont know how to use the litters,, and then i gave him my litter S and he said that he send a ticket to a GM so i gave him my litters and my wepon, after that he said it would take some time like 4 hr , and i waited 4 hr and Pm him again and he wont Pm back,,, 10or20 min later he I saw him selling Litter S and a Wep , so i started, Pming him, and he wont answer and he PM back He said F.U....CK YOUR MOM ,,,

Thats all i can Say Plz Banned him , if Possible Can you get the Item back Sad

His Character Name: Elvan..

Plz Banned Him So No More Scammer In This Game



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03 Jul 2012
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PostedDec 28, 2012 5:17 pm


my 2 cents!
It would be more believable if you had an SS or Fraps of such an incident, here are some fraps:

- Bandicam : (Records your Screen and PC Sound)
- Hypercam 1 : (Records your Screen and Microphone input)
- Hypercam 2 (improved hypercam) : (Records your Screen and Microphone imput or just PC Sound or Booth and allows editing of Hypercam captured video's)
- CamStudio : (allows you to record your screen and PC sound and has a built in video editor)

Another thing i would advise is to use the contact us link below :

also the fake [GS] maybe banned but you will not receive the item back Sad .

I've Quite, and Have no plans on returning! さよなら。


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05 Jun 2008
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PostedJan 03, 2013 10:07 pm
To add what broad was saying, for events, trades, and most official GS business a Gs has a special Paper Bag helm that turns their name orange. You can ask a GS to put on their helm to identify a legit GS.

Always as a rule of thumb, if a GS is not on that the official GS listing, best to always SS/Fraps the imposter and report it. If a GS is not on that list, assume they are not real til proven otherwise for your own protection.


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19 Dec 2008
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PostedJan 20, 2013 5:09 pm
Just to add to what the others have said, a GS can not claim to be a GS unless they are on their tagged toon. A tagged toon will have [GS] at the beginning of the name (as well as the orange name Lyyrian mentions).
If they do not have the [GS] tag and the orange name (paper bag hat) then do not trust them with your valuables.
If they claim to be a GS without those things then take a screen shot and send in a report. AGE treats impersonation very seriously, but you have to be able to prove that it occurred.

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