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29 Dec 2010
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PostedJan 13, 2013 6:57 am
xIreRoll wrote:
minuzaki wrote:
I've been looking for brushes on deviantart and haven't found the specific blur brush I'm looking for. And most google links are for photoshop crap. Kinda annoying  

there's tons of a good guides on dA for both, as I said, however. It really depends on what type of brush you're precisely looking for. blur brush is a bit vague, because I don't know much brushes people use except the fuzzy circle for a little blur. I personally uses smudge brushes for alot of my works, but that's because I was a extremely lazy. I do have alot of my friends and I old brushes/tuts saved on one of my old harddrives/cp if you still cant find any applicable to you

Also a little advice if you want to expand this sig shop ( as in, remove beta stage)
I would reccomend getting on top of some GFX design ethics--One alot of gfx people stress on from my exp is rule of thirds, however I wouldn't worry about that until a little more experience all it really is about is placing of render/stock or "focus" And something I always stressed on colouring because I hate monotone graphics so much, Some other elements are size,flow,depth, lighting/light sourse. They're self explanatory to some extent, but you can google them if not.
I know you didn't ask for CnC but even though I don't have time for it anymore, but I do adore GFX, and I'm a nice guy  

hmm...I don't think there is a specific blur brush from what I've experienced, since the whole point of blur brush is to blur. The blur tool in GIMP can change what kind of brush you want to be the blur brush. Or maybe you're looking for a kind of brush style that has been blurred...?
Also follow xIreRoll's advice, if you're really into graphics and such.



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08 Mar 2010
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PostedJan 13, 2013 9:49 am
SAMSAD wrote:
Size: 500*200
Background Color: White,Black and blue
Font:Segoe Script (Black White Mixed)
Quote:SADMAN The Lord of Darkness

Done! And with this, I close my shop until I figure out some things, I hope to open soon, toodles!

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