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PostedDec 29, 2012 2:45 pm
Darkyakuza wrote:
Hello all,

Since the topic is about the FR server, i might provide you with my (too) long French experience.
I began shaiya FR at EP 2.
We just reached EP 6, with lvl cap at 80.

Imo, if you release EPs, it's to improve the game mechanics/balances/challenges.
so, what are the results on the FR servers after all these new EPs :

- Our item mall seems interesting in proposing lots of items. IG, it creates a huge gap between Cs and non Cs. It is fairly impossible to compete in PvP 80 if you don't spend A LOT of money/AP. You were right to reject the 'gravure 'system. A recreation rune + 1 gravure = 80/100M, knowing that you need in average 100 of them for one piece of your set. Just calculate Smile
- We don't have our word to say regarding the item mall items like it seems to be the case for you. Items are popping up in the mall without the FR community to be aware of anything.
- People are leaving : 2d server ( Pandorium) created for EP 4 has been closed and fusionned with Proelium, leaving the game with one server only ( normal status during busy hours ... )
- The lvl 80 PvP is dying, due to the 'let's sell my house to have a full top 79 obsolete in 3 months'policy.
- Change of community : No challenges anymore, possibility to have evrything in 2 sec thanks to the item mall etc .. change the community. All the big old players left, letting teh FR server with a really young/impolite/unrespectful community.

As you might see, the grass is not always greener in the neighbours garden Smile


That still seems greener than OS is some regards.

Our Rec Doubler (AP item that acts like a Double rec rune) currently sells for 40-50 OP (160 Billion gold). Still far cheaper than yours.

Our EN game is almost 99% Biased toward cash shop. I'm guessing by the lack of forcefulness in your statement, Fr is about 80% CS and 20% free player.

Our 80 pvp is dying as well.

Morality seems similar as well.

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