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PostedDec 15, 2012 7:18 pm

About Trade Messages.

Lately there has been some anger about the recent influx of trade messages in current chat coming from both sides. Some people find it annoying and makes it impossible to chat. Some want to use it to sell their items cause they think it is "faster".

The truth of the matter is that trade messages, as part of the ToS and fair play rules, are to only be used in a trade channel. Any current/world/zone/region chats are meant for player communication and general chatter.

Any long time player is probably wondering "why was it allowed before? Why is it not allowed now?"

The simple answer is it was never allowed. However as a courtesy when the game was new and there was no auction house we did allow players to post a trade message once in a while so they can get rid of items they did not want and get coins to buy stuff they want.

The concerns of the lack of a trade channel or other means to sell or buy items was presented to the developers. We did not get a trade channel, but we did get the Auction House.

The Auction House is an easy in game tool that allows players to sell items and let them play the game while the item is on display for selling. And the search feature allows people wanting to buy items find them fast and easy.

"But selling over chat is cheaper and faster"

Not at all. To sell an item only costs you 100-300 gold to post a sell. You know, gold.. the currency that everyone asks what it is use for? Well that is one use it is used for. And it is so easy to get gold that 300 gold is nothing really. And a sale in the auction house is fast and easy. The coins go strait to the seller (no taxes or anything) and the item is delivered strait to the buyer. This is a lot more secure then waiting for someone to mail out the item and waiting for the other person to buy it. Cause if you sent out an item to sell to someone and they do not accept then you have to wait for that item to return in the mail. Or as a buyer you have to wait for the person to send it out after agreeing to sell it to you and hope they don't end up selling to someone else. Or you may get an item mailed COD that is the wrong item and in haste you click accept and now you spent 500 coins on a lv 1 pearl instead of the lv 4 pearl you were expecting.

The Auction House makes buying and selling fast, easy and secure.

Aside from the issue of possible fraudulent sellers or buyers that the Auction House prevents, when players fill chat with trade messages it prevents players from talking or communicating. Many players are turned off from wanting to play when chat is full of spam. (There is a reason games that have a trade channel have the option to turn it off.) Some of you may not mind the trade message, but you need to remember that the current chat is for all players, but just you and your needs. Filling chat with your trade messages cause you want coins for an event is just rude and greedy.

So please be respectful to your fellow players and use the Auction House instead of current chat. IF you need to really sell an item you may use the horn or trumpet ONCE to advertize, but don't go overboard guys. Smile

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