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09 Nov 2007
The Southern Oracle United States
PostedDec 08, 2012 4:58 pm

Android Mobile Survey

I would like to propose a "Mobile Survey" to hit the rounds in the community to gather some feedback for the mobile division that I think would help them in future endeavors.

I have taken the liberty of devising a "mock" survey, as a Sample to show what kind of information could be obtained and used when acquisitioning games for Mobile partnerships.

(Readers) (please know this is not an actual survey so please don't participate in it; it is merely a sample form to illustrate the suggestion and to emphasize the value in the type of feedback that can be gained.

If you like this idea please feel free to leave comments and suggestions to help improve upon this sample form in hopes the big guys may use something like it in the future ^_^

Sample Form - >
Actual Sheet - >

Keep the survey simple, but with crucial elements that best help determine what type of games to acquisition in the mobile network that best reach the base of the community's mobile support.

Key fields include:

[Screen Size / Resolution] (Determinable by Model)
[Android Operating Version] (Determinable by Model)
[Preferred Game Type] To best reach the biggest portion of the market



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26 Jun 2008
Jeddah Saudi Arabia
PostedDec 15, 2012 4:50 am
Good idea Andaro.

Surprised the marketing team at Aeria did not come up with that already.

Unlike the iPhone, android devices have all sorts of computational power and screen resolutions making app development a lot more difficult and costly (that's why MP is only on a very few top of the range models).

However, I would also expect the marketing team to have the national and international statistics and sales figures of the different types of mobiles across the market which should give them a clear picture of where the focus has to be.
Taking in consideration spending power as well, people buying a $100 phone... are they likely to spend big bucks on a game ? Again, I'm pretty sure the marketing team has all the figures of the apps spending pattern by phone model from the google play platform.

[note] tinyurl is blocked by the national firewall in Saudi Arabia, I could not open the examples.

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