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16 Oct 2010
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PostedDec 07, 2012 8:13 pm

DDTank Community has serious issues.

Im sure alot of us gamers are experiencing unwanted issues playing Aeria Games DDTank.
First ... I would like to ask if anyone has ever felt harassed or mistreated by a G.S or G.M ...
I thought that the job of a G.S was to "help" the DDTank community... One very big issue I have with this game is (G.S)Shannia. I feel that he uses his G.S powers for wrong and for his own advantage... All he ever does is get people banned and ruin alot of peoples gaming experience. Why should we continue playing and supporting a game where the G.S in the game doesnt even help us ? And just wants to get us banned because of his own hatred. Honestly I don't know why you hate some players in the game. But as a G.S you have to do your job and help the community by bettering it not by getting people banned all the time. For example ... When someone trumpets ONE time... (G.S)Shannia would pm and say " Please Do Not Spam" ... Is this some kind of a sick joke ? ONE Trumpet Does not = Spam. Throughout my 3 years of playing this game... I saw (G.S)Shannia just use his G.S powers for all the wrong reasons... I don't want to sign on a game where I have to feel like there's some low life person who has hate for everything and everyone for no reason. We need more G.S who actually want to help the players with real problems that their experiencing. Not some jerk who just wants to ruin peoples fun and ruin this game for people. Another example is that My friend Beastmode0707 was banned several times due to (G.S)Shannia and now hes permanent banned because of "spamming"... It's really sad to see that this game hasn't gotten much new players coming in after 3 years ... All I see is old players quitting... friends getting banned... I know that my husband (cheezcake) and I both have experienced harrasment from (G.S)Shannia... where he PM us when were doing nothing wrong just to say " Dont spam " when were not even spamming... We know the Rules... and we dont spam ... but yet this guy is ruining our gaming experience. So I ask again why is he still a GS? I wonder how many other people have been wrongly harassed by GS Shannia? Please speak up! Lets not let this GS bully us any longer! He does not deserve to be a GS. The definition of Game Sage is a member of the community that helps the community. NOT someone who tried to get everyone he disliked banned.

Problems with the G.M's ... (GM) Kiko ... I asked you why did you log into my account? and this was your reply. " Your account was offline" ... Okay explain to me this then... If my account was offline ... After you signed on the first time ... I logged in and kicked you out... You went to log in my account AGAIN for the second time. If I was "Offline" like you stated then why did you attempt to log into my account the second time after being kicked off? Obviously you lied. You know that I was on my account and you went on my account without letting me know first. We had way better G.M's before the current G.M staff now. G.M electro is an old school G.M for DDTank... when he use to log into our accounts for any reason. he would PM the player first to let them know that hes logging into their account. So... (GM) kiko I asked you before in PM ... Do you not know basic manners? Because letting someone know first that your logging into their account is not that hard. Because you PMed me to let me know that I was muted right? But yet you couldnt take the time to PM me and let me know that your logging into my account? LOL. And After I asked you ... you were speechless, because you know that what you did was wrong. There are many many many other servers of DDTank that my husband and I can play and take our business else where. Also for your information ... The other DDTank Servers are WAY WAY WAY Cheaper than your server. So why should we play your game when your customer service is CRAP? =)

DDTank IGN: Jennay League: FairyTale <3


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29 Mar 2010
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PostedDec 07, 2012 8:34 pm
Hello Jennayx3,

The forum is not a place to discuss a mute. If you wish to do that, you can contact us following this link: and we can discuss any issues you may have in a private setting.

If you or any other member of the community feels harassed, you may report this behavior for us to investigate. We will be happy to take any reports and conduct proper investigation and take any necessary action.

Thank you,

Team Aeria
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