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27 Jul 2012
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PostedDec 07, 2012 1:46 am

Another amazing suggestion

For Match Channel Rewards

So I already made one suggestion for the use of BP rewards from Match Channel.
I've thought of another idea, for the Random Box prize rewarded after each game.
Give users the option of somewhat choosing their prize, but it still being random.

For example:
The user can make a choice between 3 options:
A) Random BP (as the rewards are currently, respectively, 10, 50, up to 500)
B) 1 Day / 1 Grenade (Red Smoke or Grey Smoke or FlashBang)
C) 1 Day / 1 Piece of 09 Armor Set

The rewards are randomly chosen by the roll of the box as they are currently, the user just gets to pick between the categories of the prizes.

I'd rather have that than the current one, because getting 10 bp 50 games in a row and no 09 is just zz'


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