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25 Jul 2008
chesterfield,virginia United States
PostedDec 06, 2012 3:17 pm
good pvp button made it nice if i wanted to quest or farm without being ganked and pvp if i wanted
factions was nice but yeah uneven
rune combineing was good ^_^
the bad
rune removal was very very messed up lol
the graphical lag was terribel i should have no problem running this game
and <_< >_> not enough cookies!! \o/



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17 May 2009
Realm of Eos United States
PostedDec 06, 2012 4:45 pm


DKO Feedback


-PvP - Need to eliminate lag to give honest answer
-Open world - excellent
-Castle Siege - not able to participate due to work schedule
-Graphic - had to scale back due to lag( looks nice while standing still)
-Gameplay - straight forward & predictable
-Rune combining - on par
-Design (Character, mobs) - So far, on par
-Skills animation - enjoyable
-Different layout of the area
-Combat flow
-Not a huge grind fest - Only had to grind a bit to lvl 20, otherwise, plenty of quests.

-Graphic issue - See next reply for lag. May NOT be graphics related( I have GeForce 560Ti).
-Lag issue - Still have one more thing to try. I read about issues with various antivirus & firewalls & some possible fixes. Will try in OBT & report back.
-Boss spawn - Never got to first BIG Boss(Work schedule)
-Gender/Class lock
-PvP button
-PvP cooldown
-Lack of description
-Random rune from Rune combintation
-No Helmet visual
-Class unbalanace

-Swim in water
-More choices for outfits
-In game clock
-Smooth quest/progress flow
-Open dungeon
-Keyboard setting for camera
- More channels - Some quests areas were congested


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25 Nov 2008
Gaia Adrion Necria United States
PostedDec 06, 2012 4:48 pm
Okay I don't know if this has anything to do with the lag issue caused by extra processes, but

on my 17" Laptop, I couldn't find a single resolution which solidified lines.

In other words, Game text seemed Hazed on the edges, and character edges also seemed a bit blurred.

I don't think the game currently has a 17" setting, but if you could give me an idea of another possible cause, lemme know.

My System's a HP Pavillion Dv7 i7 Quad Duo Core @ 2.83 Ghz. 12 GB Memory,

Radeon 6770M

150 GB Primary Solid State Drive, 1 Terabyte secondary drive.

In other words, by no means is this a crappy Notebook. It plays cooler than most PC's do ....

@ Xardas: Bosses are all on 2 hour spawn. I doubt a work schedule can 100% prevent that.

(I do observe that Ebil says the lag issue will be worked on, but in regards to visuals far more concerns me).

I want crisp lines.

Something else I'd like to mention:

Chat options.

This game has alot of chat options, but because of how they are designed, it's rather annoying to use them all.

-Color changing of text option is so hidden, that I only discovered it once or twice (Faction chat is default ugly/horrible brown, so it might be handy to change).

-Getting to the Region Chat requires you to use Arrow keys, which is a confusing configuration (would be better if something was implemented to change chats)


-Debuff statuses are small and confusing to analyze

-Boss spawns are fine, but it'd be nice if they dropped better in addition to the Raden Vouchers (Inaferus rarely drops Magic Dodge accessories, but that's about it). I think the 2 hour spawns are also fine. This is balanced by the fact that voucher quests for certain mobs supplement the drops when going for Legend weapons.

-I wish magic attack actually reflected damage. It seems to be 3 times what magic damage is. 1200 Magic attack = + 400 magic damage. Melee damage additions are purely added as damage, leading to 700-800ish damage on melee, but only 500 on magic, even thoug magic has cast times

-I like the fact that no toons seem immortal. Instead of being immortal, this game relies on skills to prolong life. (in other words defense and dodge are not over powered).

-I wish there were more options for farming runes. Farming red runes specifically impedes the grinding of newer low level players (I know spawn rates are fast, and it's hard to kill an entire area, but all the same, I wish the big guys could farm somewhere else).

-It would be nice that if you die in the dungeon, if you do not teleport to Raden, but rather to outside the dungeon.

-Magic Critical rate runes are not dropping from mobs. They only come from Voucher quests, while the Physical Crit rate runes are commonly dropping. It's unfair for melee to get them while magic users get them much harder. I'd lower the drop rate of the physical crit runes, and replace the lost drop rate with the magic crit rate rune (Runes of Magic Fetal Attack).

-There are far too few armor designs and weapon designs

-I would like to see small amounts of the AP items like Protective and Lucky Runes, Protective Scrolls, Campfires, given as in game rewards for quests as nontradeable versions.

-I would like a way to trade AP directly for gold within game. (In a game called Forsaken World, This option has prevented massive inflation, and in fact that game's Item mall supply has only inflated 40% in a year and a half).

-I think the game is designed pretty well to prevent Gold spammer exploitation. The initial Island restricts their spamming ability to Class, and Region (only the training island). The 20 limit on faction/guilds also act as a barrier to spamming Faction/Guild.

-I know this hasnt been put into game yet, but from what I've seen, most monster transformations are the ugly, undesirable monsters. It'd be nice if cute monsters like Succubus, Inaferus, Wilding, etc, were added to the Transformation lists, perhaps with special conditions to earn them.

-I noticed Bracers, Capes, and a couple other items were not in the drop group. I'm praying these are not put aside as all AP items. Costumes I can understand, but things that add stats pretty much need to be in game. Otherwise you create the very real problems Shaiya has, in another game.

-I think the game still needs more gold sinks. In CB, we saw major inflation even in the first 2 weeks. Gold from mob generation is pretty large at level 30+, and I expect the prices to inflate rapidly because of it. There were also players in game to publicly announced that if there was an AH, they would definitely be reselling, regardless of how much it hurt the game and its player confidence. Also, it wouldnt hurt if gold drops were dropped to 90% of what they currently are.

-I noticed on Bosses, Drop rates are completely random. What I mean is, repeatedly I solo'd 70-90% of a boss like Skarr or Inaferus, and drops went to the person who did 20%. That's kind of wierd, but on the other hand it might discourage hoarding. That can be seen as both good and bad.


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17 Nov 2012
PostedDec 06, 2012 8:00 pm
Will, of course, contain repeats of previous posts and my own (random) comments enclosed in brackets.


  • Graphics (For a f2p anyways)
  • No ugly helmets shown on character (though you should probably implement it and put in a toggle for those who like that shown)
  • Weapon glows
  • Upgrade and Rune system
  • Rune Combination system (it's kind of like gachapon. I like gachapons.)
  • A free mount (Yipee!)
  • Easy to level (maybe a bit too easy. . . But whatever)
  • Large(ish) scale PvP


  • Lack of difference in equip visuals (I think I had the same sword look for like, 20 levels)
  • Lack of shield glow when upgraded (it made my SM super sad)
  • Getting red Runes as a high level
  • Limited initial inventory/bank space (if nothing else, bank is wayyy too small)
  • Sorcs (they need some love)
  • Weapon/Armor crafting (seems kind of useless currently, but we were restricted to a lower level so. . .)
  • Mount needs to be attained at a lower level (not by a lot, but probably the last time you leave Lidese(sp?) would be nice)
  • PK/PvP debuff (why have a debuff if both players have to be flagged anyways?)
  • Client being laggy and not utilizing resources properly
  • Characters walking under water (I don't even-)
  • Boss respawns too long (though maybe some channels in certain areas would fix this, it's not going to ruin 'PKing' due to the need to flag anyways)
  • Boss drops (1 voucher majority of the time. One. One singular voucher. Yayyy)
  • Not in OBT yet


  • If you implement helms or keyboard turning or anything of that sort, please make it optional (via toggle/options) and not enforced (Helms are only good in RO, okay? And keyboard turning in PvP. . . Lol)
  • People complaining about faction imbalance don't know that the system restricted entry into the faction that was about 2% higher than the opposing faction after a certain of amount of have joined (It was annoying trying to get new members into guild when the faction was restricted. . .)


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24 Jan 2012
United States
PostedDec 06, 2012 8:40 pm

the fighters poppet

hated the way the fighters poppet looked a cute little bunny is just not fitting for a fighter plus it didnt look realistic floating around they need something much better than that and imp or something that looks like it could float and forget cute its a fighter needs a snake with wings or anything that does not flap around a lot...hates wings flapping anywhere everybody make poppets... Smile


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26 Jun 2012
Toronto, Ontario Canada
PostedDec 06, 2012 10:36 pm
PVP button has to go,
PVP should always be on period, perhaps make a pvp server where pvp is always on,

Upon choosing a realm, opposite realm players are possible targets anywhere in the world except towns. But can still party with if chose to do so.

Everything else was Awesome! had alot of fun and looking forward to playing DK online.
Merry christmas btw!

-=Scent to Bed=- -Haji


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09 Sep 2012
Budapest Hungary
PostedDec 06, 2012 11:50 pm
thers no PVP Button!


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01 Jan 2012
Johor Malaysia
PostedDec 07, 2012 6:07 am
maybe its cool if DK have flying monster to kill?
melee type can attack when monster at ground..
just my imagination Very Happy


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17 May 2010
PostedDec 07, 2012 4:52 pm
Hmm.. It's super hard to give an opinion off of what we had in CB.

From what we were given, end game was way boring. One siege a week, and the RVR was exciting once every three days at best. Already discussed these 2 issues in the respective threads though. Considering reached the end game in one day, yeah. The rest was just gearing.

Outside of that you can farm for heroic and legendary which isn't very interesting because open pvp was removed, with open pvp competing over the bosses would be much more exciting.

We've been given a pvp button in its place and it's useless other then for friendly duels. There will need to be some incentive to have this active, otherwise it may as well just not be there. Maybe 1.25 exp/drop rate with it on?

How about some sign up battle grounds for more pvp/end game?

+1 to different armor styles!

Most of the positives have already been covered, castle siege is fun, leveling was fast.. good and bad I guess, but it's a pvp based game after all. RVR has potential to be fun. Game play in general was good. I'd like to say the political system is a positive thing, but we didn't get to test that. CB was missing a lot of stuff.


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28 Aug 2010
middle of nowhere Poland
PostedDec 07, 2012 11:17 pm
-Gameplay and combat - good action is definitely one of the strongest DKO points.

-Rune combining - it's okay, every game needs a system to make the gear better.

-Graphics and design (Character, mobs) - not too bad, but could be better.

-Skills animation - are okay. My only concern is that sounds some characters make are annoying (sorcs moan way too much!).

-Different layout of the area - in my opinion all areas are well-made, landscapes and views are quite appealing.

-Not a huge grind fest - for me, exp was fast until level 30, then I've noticed a huge difference..

-Boss spawn - someone told me it takes 4 hours. and yes it's kinda..long wait :p made atmosphere in the dungeon a bit hectic in each party I had (everyone was crazy about getting the boss). Make it 2-3 hours and more people will have a chance to see and kill it.

-Gender/Class lock - not a big issue to me, as I've seen in other games it's pretty much common for men to play female toons especially if they want to play healer (and other classes also), can't see why wouldn't it apply to mage as well, since magic is kinda..girly thing.
Well, don't like boobs, guys? lol.
As a woman, I can't complain - there are not only female casters but warriors also. The only thing we can't do is a paladin, add that to the options (and it can look like a warrior) and it's fine.

-Random rune from Rune combintation - I agree this might need improvement.

-No Helmet visual - my hairstyle ftw! lol, now seriously I could care less, but faces and hair are only things that makes us individual right? So why make the world boring? I vote rather for helm invisibility, not against.

-Class unbalanace - I can't say much here since I didn't have a chance to experience PvP, but I'm sure there are things that need to be done. I let more advanced players to point it out though.

-More choices for outfits - yes, PLEASE! the only thing that I REALLY disliked about DKO is the armor design.
It was getting only worse each armor level. As a shadowmage in end game armors my character looked like a prostitute, I really hated that.
Run around in white underwear and half of your butt sticking out of eyes-blinding-pink dress? No, I refuse.. lol.

-In game clock - would be very useful definitely.

-Keyboard setting for camera - good idea, full support.

- my add: character SIT option!!! standing 24/7 ain't so fun lol also if it could improve health recovery would be just great.
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