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01 Sep 2010
Banhammer City Germany
PostedDec 05, 2012 10:06 am

Monthly Loyalty program!

Starting today
We are happy to introduce a new program for AVA: the monthly Loyalty program!

Our Loyalty Rewards program is a month-long program that rewards you for spending AP! Simply spend AP, track your progress on the Loyalty Rewards tab of the Item Mall, and get rewards for hitting AP milestones throughout the month! It is cumulative, so you will receive all rewards up to and including the current reward you qualify for!

This is something that was started in other games and was hugely popular with the players. We saw the enthusiasm from those player bases and wanted to bring this program to you! This rewards program will allow you to earn extra rewards on top of what you spend every month.

This program utilizes our Tiered Spender Application, so you need to redeem your prizes this way: Spend AP during the event times, earn rewards and click on “Redeem” to get the items instantly. Web Mall, In Game Mall and Capsule Shop: all qualify. For more instructions, please click on the “Help" button on the program’s page or contact us directly.
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