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30 Jul 2010
PostedDec 06, 2012 9:51 pm
MPure wrote:
#1 Issue for me was being restricted to one siege per week due to participation restrictions as a castle owner, and/or the lack of the open system. I already discussed this here but there has been no gm response or opinion.

Let's say there are 6 castles (Labonia, Halland, Lubdier, Baston, Ledise, Raden) and potentially more, sieges will be quite dull since the stronger guilds are isolated from each other. As Kage said, the lowest common denominator eventually gets one by default, and then there is little to no challenge left. The system needs to be tweaked. I'd like it if any guild could participate, just could not claim the castle (Which is already in place, just not the participation part).

Guard lag was bad, but they seemed to not re-appear once a guild claimed.. so it isn't too bad of an issue.

The sieges I was in were all around very enjoyable.  

+1 for me the siege is the part I enjoy and look forward to the most in this game and I hope castle owners are not restricted to one siege per week.
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