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03 Oct 2009
Marshallvile United States
PostedDec 04, 2012 5:50 pm

Ares and New Gold Spear

I can see all Golden ancient weapon has changed stats to 3 316's and 1 54 with approximately 20 more base harm and couple more fort harm. This just made the game even harder. i believe that the game should limit the amount of days of Ares and the New Gold spear whe nit comes out. The janelle was won fair and ssquare from the Angel Jar event so i dont mind it staying. But the Ares ... it is 7 days so the guy who previously won is already SUPER strong and now if he go to LF/FF at night for the Ares Event, How do you expect us to win? He is so much stronger now with all the harm and the 100 Stat boost from the Ares..... I hope you guys can limit the amount of days of the ares so that we can have a chacne to get it for ourselves or at least limit the amount of wins. *can't win 2 times n a row* give reast of us a chance.I also hope the Gold Spear wonf rom the competition will onl be 6 days. the 7 days will mean that the guy who get the gold spear will automatically be able to use it during competition ... which means less chance fo the rest of us to redeem it for ourselves. At the same time i hope the spear is automatically put into the inventor so that the holder wont be able to *hog * it in mail for a day and than wait for the tournament so that he can use it during the tournament. i hiope you guys take this under consideration.


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20 Jul 2012
Phoenix United States
PostedDec 04, 2012 6:50 pm
Thank you for the suggestion Smile
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