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19 Oct 2009
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PostedDec 10, 2012 2:52 pm

New Casino Guide

All you need to know to spin dat wheel.

So, we all know how much fun the first iteration of Coconut Casino was. The thrill of the gamble, the girls, the swag, the girls, the flashing lights, the girls, etc. Well, we've got a surprise for you, because it's been updated and expanded!

The first large and important change, is that the method of acquiring fame and gambling has completely and totally changed.
Now, instead of gambling gold straight into a chance of fame, you outright buy fame at a 1:1 gold/fame ratio and gamble with it for gold.
Yeah. Drastic change. So, without further adieu, the new process is as follows.

First, you'll need to find this guy, conveniently named "Coin Exchange Staff Member," at 1004, 508 Angoya Island

Talk to him, and he'll give you this prompt:

It's pretty straightforward, so I won't explain it.

Now it's time for the fun part. The gambling.
I'm sure you all remember that, normally, you'd need to actually relocate to the casino and use one of these nifty machines

Well, not anymore(at least, not if you don't want to). Now, you can instead go an extremely lazy route, bring up your primary sprite's menu, go into the duel tab and press the outlined button labeled "Coconut-A-Go-Go!"

And it'll bring you up to the new slot machine interface. Which... I'm just going to explain with a numbers system.

1. This is very much the classic roulette wheel we've all gotten used to, albeit slightly different. There's not much to explain here, as it'll all be expanded in #5.

2. This is a new feature. It's a slots device that, when you land on a square you've placed a bet on, will spin. I won't go into details of how or what it pays out quite yet, so check further below for a screenshot of the in-game tooltip on it - since it explains it much better than I could.

3. This is the grand prize/jackpot. As of now, it sits at an SKB5. If it remains as such in the future, time will tell. However, that's not what's important - the important part is how to get it, right? Well, it deals directly with #2. On the wheel are a set of 7's and, you guessed it, in true Casino fashion you need to align a 777 in order to get it.

4. That is the current jackpot gold pool. Upon lining up specific combinations, you'll get mailed out a specific % of the pot. Will be explained much better further down with the in-game tooltip.

5. These are betting count. You bet on the roulette wheel landing on the specific head, and get paid out a fixed amount of gold(that reflects the number above them) per bet should the wheel land on it. Each bet costs 10 fame and you can place a maximum of 10 bets per head.

6. This is an automated spinning function. It's simple, etc. and will spin a total of however many you choose plus one more. It can be set to a maximum of 100 spins in one setting.

And now for that glorious in-game tooltip(click to view the full image if it resizes too small):

And... That's actually it. Once you have your bets placed to your liking, just press the "Coconut-A-Go-Go" button in the bottom right corner and it'll start spinning.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.


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07 May 2010
PostedDec 11, 2012 8:51 am
Tried this and it's a 100% complete waste of gold. Don't do it. ~~


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10 Apr 2011
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PostedDec 11, 2012 9:12 am
Roughly about 80 pct waste of gold if you try it out, took about 30 rolls to deplete 300g.

Default was set to the first two slots, switched to 10 on last three slots when first slot was rolled twice.

Anyways afraid I've lost my Reward Clerk who I was hoping to finally give me a perm +15 sprite attack speed costume. Shame Sad

Overally it's not really worth it to try for a NON-tradable SKB5. I generally find faster moving slots more motivating, whereas with these since two lock into place so fast you can tell that you're getting ripped off even faster! Might wanna speed it up a bit.

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